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Javier Samel Is SportingTech’s New Head of Business Development LatAm

Javier Samel will now oversee the expansion of SportingTech in Latin America, as he has been appointed as the company’s new Head of Business Development LatAm. One of the tasks that Same will have include growing the omnichannel Quantum platform, which was recently re-branded and re-purposed by SportingTech. At the moment, the Quantum platform is being certified in several regions across Latin America.

Samel Embraces the New Challenges that Lie Ahead

Before joining SportingTech as the new Head of Business Development LatAm, Samel worked as Grupo Boldt’s online operations manager. He has over 12 years of working experience in the Latin American online gambling and sports betting spheres, meaning that there is no shortage of expertise on his end.

In the short period prior to his official announcement at SportingTech, Samel has also operated as a consultant for businesses connected to online casinos and online sportsbooks in Colombia, Peru and Argentina.

Samel commented on his recent appointment and stated that he is looking forward to working for a company like SportingTech. He added that he is excited for the opportunities that lie for its platform, Quantum. Additionally, he said that he is more than ready to bridge the company with local operators.

The CEO of SportingTech, Ivo Doroteia, discussed Samel’s appointment and stated that he is a perfect fit for the company as it continues to grow its presence, especially on the Latin American market. He added that the company is looking forward to combining the expertise of the company with the expertise that Samel possesses.

Doroteia believes that the collaborative debates for the LatAm region will be vastly enriched with Samel’s input. Finally, Doroteia concluded that Samel can now use his extensive market knowledge as he is in a privileged situation. He can do that by working with clients in the region and developing the Quantum platform. Additionally, he will be able to provide a good springboard for new future business relationships.

The Quantum Platform Will Cater to 1,000+ Markets

The new Quantum platform, something in which Samel will be heavily included, can cater to upwards of 1,000 markets. It will offer 65 sports and 9,000 games from many of the world’s greatest game developers.

Latin America is one of the certified markets where the Quantum platform can operate will feature a content management system, rewards for sports and casino players, and a host for integration of third parties.

B2B customers will also be able to enjoy a lighter version of the platform by SportingTech called Quick Quantum. This version will feature all of the main integrations and features from the original Quantum platform.

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