Jamul Casino to Launch with Video King’s Bingo TreasuresTM

Video King has finalized its Managed Services Agreement partnership which will see the company provide the services for the Jamul Casino in California, owned, and operated by the Jamul Indian Village Development Corporation. This partnership will seek to significantly improve the day-to-day activities at Jamul Casino and give the Corporation an opportunity to boost its operational results through the addition of the Bingo TreasuresTM products.

Adding Great Jackpot Products to Jamul Casino

The Video King’s products will be immediately rolled out across tribal facilities, including hotels, restaurants, gift shops, smoke shops, convenience stores, gas stations, golf courses, hotels, and not least, casinos.

The partnership focuses on boosting the Corporation’s gaming operations and applies to running specific games that are licensed under state law and can be operated on tribal land. Video King VP Rusty Morin commented on this collaboration and outlined what it means for the company and its future success:

We are thrilled to partner with Jamul Casino to launch our Class II Certified Bingo Game. Bingo Treasures features all of the traditional bingo game elements that bingo players will love, including the ability to pick their own numbers, play for a common game-ending pattern on a 5×5 bingo card and have an opportunity to win in every game.

Video King VP Rusty Morin

Morin was overwhelmingly positive about the long-term prospects of this partnership. He said that the company’s products will considerably help increase the Corporation’s results. The multi-million-dollar weekly jackpots were a strong asset, Morin noted, that will appeal to consumers. The life-changing jackpots have been known to boost results and interest in casino attendance, and this is precisely the type of product that the Indian Country will get.

Jamul Casino Welcomes Opportunity to Integrate Bingo TreasuresTM

The news was naturally welcomed by Jamul Casino’s general manager and president, Mary Cheeks, who was similarly pleased with the developments. Cheeks said that the casino was thrilled to be the first California Tribal Casino to team up with Video King and the company’s dedicated Bingo TreasuresTM product. It’s a high point in Jamul’s operations, Cheeks said, and the company was very happy to see the product introduced to Jamul Casino.

“We are also delighted to be a host for the live weekly ball draws, which we intend to make very entertaining when we launch,” Cheeks concluded. Meanwhile, Video King and Parlay Games, the company which is offering the product in collaboration with the former, are actively seeking to expand their list of partners in the United States and are negotiating with other parties.  

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