Bragg Gaming Group Finalizes Wild, Oryx and Spin Games’ Integration

Bragg Gaming Group has revealed that it has completed the acquisition of Wild Streak Gaming and Spin Games through the consolidation of the companies under a single brand – Bragg. The move applies to Oryx Gaming as well. This comes at an important time for the company, as it is beginning to roll out its full product across the North American market and looking to consolidate all of its assets under the Group’s banner.

Bragg Enacts Quick Rebranding to Optimize Operations

The company is carrying out a small rebranding of its existing operations with the Slovenia-based offices renamed to Bragg Ljubljana and Spin Games in the United States and India changing their names to Bragg Reno and Bragg Chennai moving forward. This will hopefully help the company communicate with partners and customers easier, by pinpointing the geographical position of its operations right in its names.

The company is also expected to open a new office, Bragg Las Vegas, at some point in 2022 and it is hopefully going to see the company’s offer continue growing in a meaningful way. The Las Vegas office will focus on Wild Streak Gaming and Spin Games employees but also open the sluicegates for new hires.

The company already has offices in Toronto, London, and Malta, making it one of the most impressive gaming groups out there. It’s not only that, though, as Bragg Gaming Group has been able to bring quite a few impressive brands under its own roof, including Atomic Slot Lab, Indigo Magic, and Oryx Gaming, and the latest additions with Wild Streak Gaming and Spin Games.

The company has focused on actively evolving what it describes as its “outward profile,” but all of this is underpinned by the same if not a stronger commitment to high-performing, data-driven, and passionately crafted proprietary casino gaming titles.

Executives Happy with the Outcome

Bragg Gaming Group CEO Yaniv Sherman was very happy with the changes that have been enacted. He said:

As we consolidate our group companies under the single brand of Bragg, we celebrate the heritage, values and successes of Oryx Gaming, Spin Games and Wild Streak Gaming which have built us into the company we are today, and which will propel us into our next phase as a global iGaming provider.

Bragg Gaming Group CEO Yaniv Sherman

Sherman welcomed the opportunity to see the company continue to grow and transform itself into something that is adapted for the needs of modern iGaming brands. With so many gaming and development hubs these days, Sherman is confident that all parts of the business will continue to grow aligned with the company’s values and goals.  

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