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Jake Paul Announced Micro-Betting Company Betr US Launch

Social-media-persona-turned-boxer Jake Paul, along with the founder of SimpleBet Joey Levy, are behind the newly-formed micro-betting company Betr. It’s a two-pronged attack on the sports betting industry – one branch that will be focusing on sports media content, and the other – on sports betting.

Beta App Live in the US

The app is providing players with coins to make their wagers, which can then be redeemed for various prizes. Along with the app’s beta launch in the US, Betr announced on its social media accounts a “Betr Jeep” giveaway. The conditions for entry are to download the app and make your micro-bet – is the first play of the NFL season going to be a “run” or a “pass”, with Jake Paul saying towards the end of the promotional video that he has “$250,000 on the line.”

To turn this idea into reality, Jake Paul and Joey Levy have reportedly raised over US$50 million, with names such as Aliya Capital and Florida Funders on the list of investors, along with big-name football players such as Dez Bryant, DeSean Jackson, and many more. Most probably Joey Levy will be focused more on the business side, while Jake Paul focuses on being the face of the endeavor. While you’d expect a big part of the money to be spent on developing a long-term growth strategy and customer acquisition, it’s important to remember that this is a Jake Paul company, after all.

Sports Content Meets Micro-Betting

What is micro-betting anyway? It’s basically not your average prediction bet about the final outcome of a sports match and more like betting live on minute details and developments during a match – every punch, drive, play, pass, etc. Of course, this is not really the first time in which micro-betting is entering the sports betting world per se, but it’s certainly a great focal point in the company’s marketing of its product.

Of course, it also helps when Jake Paul goes in front of a camera and says that he has “singlehandedly revived boxing” followed by the loud statement that now “it’s time to reinvent the sports landscape” with a “Betr” alternative for the sports betting experience. Yes, the name is open to a lot of word play and people tagging Betr’s Twitter seem to like it, with every other tweet containing puns using the name.

Apparently, Betr’s “sports media content factory” is definitely going to be quite a bit different from most sports coverage. Jake Paul himself has said that he wants to disrupt the “uptight professional environment” and instead provide content from a more naturalistic point of view, with him saying he wants to “do workouts” with the athletes and interview them during their workouts, providing a unique insight on “why that makes them special.”

If that’s caught your attention, the show will be called the BS Sports Show but you can find it much more easily on YouTube. The channel is called “BS w/ Jake Paul” and at the time of writing it has already garnered more than 2 million subscribers.

The launched beta version of the Betr app is available to download for free at the website and our own first impressions with the UI is that it’s definitely more modern-looking and incredibly intuitive – not what you’d expect from a beta product. And the modernistic theme is embedded in the user experience as well, with the product looking at its competition as “legacy gambling” and
“legacy media”.


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