July 26, 2023 3 min read


J3STER.GG Revolutionizes Live-Streaming Betting with Esports and Influencers

The innovative wagering company announced the launch of its beta version ahead of its full-fledged debut

J3STER.GG aims to marry the booming Esports industry with the captivating world of influencers, presenting gamers and viewers with a one-of-a-kind experience. The company’s platform enables viewers to place bets on the performance of Twitch streamers as they engage in intense and thrilling gameplay. Capitalizing on the massive audience base of influencers allows J3STER.GG to foster an enduring community, guaranteeing long-term success.

The Operator Offers an Innovative and Exciting Experience

Esports have gained significant momentum, attracting millions of fans worldwide and boasting impressive growth in recent years. J3STER.GG seeks to tap into this burgeoning market by presenting a novel approach to wagering. Instead of betting on professional teams, J3STER.GG’s platform centers on individual streamers, amplifying the excitement and offering a fresh wagering perspective.

With a focus on FPS games, J3STER.GG ensures that viewers can immerse themselves in the intense action of popular titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Valorant, which have captured the hearts of millions of gamers. The new platform aims to tap into fans’ excitement and give them a new way to engage with their favorite streamers.

Collaboration with influencers lies at the heart of J3STER.GG’s concept. Popular content creators have amassed vast followings, and their streams attract massive daily audiences. J3STER.GG empowers fans rooting for their favorite influencers to bet on their performance, contributing to an even more immersive and interactive experience.

Esports Wagering Holds Untapped Potential

The first two weeks of J3STER.GG’s beta release saw it collaborate with 40 players and generate nearly 10,000 GBP, demonstrating the potential of its business model. Company CEO Kevin Des Lauriers was excited about the upcoming 1 September official release, noting that the initial test period had provided significant insights and opportunities. 

It is clear that players enjoy the interactivity of setting challenges for streamers, whilst content creators have a reliable avenue for monetization.

Kevin Des Lauriers

J3STER.GG’s upcoming release coincides with the rising interest regarding wagering opportunities in the Esports industry. Several high-profile companies have rushed to the new opportunities, hoping to resonate with new-gen bettors and acquire an early market advantage. However, increasing wagering opportunities cause significant integrity concerns, mirroring traditional sports. 

As the Esports betting industry evolves, it has to overcome new and familiar challenges to deliver an engaging, safe, and fair wagering experience for fans. J3STER.GG stands at the forefront of that revolution, promising an immersive and interactive journey for gaming enthusiasts and betting enthusiasts. As the platform evolves and the full launch draws near, it may reshape the future of the gaming and betting landscape.

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