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IWG Introduces Its eInstant Progressive Jackpot in Pennsylvania and Virginia

Instant Win Gaming has launched a new eInstant progressive jackpot that will be available in several states in the United States

The Mega Money Jackpots has launched in both Pennsylvania and Virginia and the progressive jackpot can be accessed through games offered by the state’s lotteries. This is the first time an eInstant progressive jackpot game has been released as well.

Boosting the Lottery Offer in Pennsylvania and Virginia

Players in both states will stand to benefit from multi-million dollar prizes designed to boost engagement and offer participants new opportunities to experience lottery products. The product will not stop here, though as IWG is keen to keep adding more state lotteries, beyond Pennsylvania and Virginia, and grow the prize pool and how many people it’s available to.

To ensure that the product operates as intended, IWG is deploying its own InstantRGS, a remote game server solution that facilitates the game’s operations and requires no further investment on behalf of partner lotteries that are hosting the game.

IWG CEO Rhydian Fisher has welcomed this new opportunity to deliver a progressive jackpot based on eInstant games to Virginia and Pennsylvania. He argued that pooling players from both states would provide players of Mega Money Jackpots with even better opportunities to win big.

“Congratulations to both lotteries for pioneering this next chapter in eInstant games,” Fisher said.

A Chance to Continue Innovating the Lottery Offer

The news was naturally welcomed by representatives of both lotteries. PA Lottery Deputy Executive director for marketing and products Stephanie Weyant added to the conversation and said that the lottery was excited to see Mega Money Jackpots integrated with the local players, offering great benefits to them.

Strategic games manager for Virginia Lottery, Scott Kenyon, was of a similar opinion. Kenyon said that the lottery was excited to be collaborating with IWG to champion even more online innovations. The multi-state partnership is a clear indicator of the ongoing efforts, he added.

“We believe Mega Money Jackpots will be enthusiastically received by our players all while supporting the Virginia Lottery’s mission to raise revenue for K-12 public education,” Kenyon wrapped up.

Previously, IWG introduced an eDraw game for the Virginian lottery and it similarly launched other products and services in Kentucky.


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