It’s Now Possible to Wager on Pizza Thanks to DraftKings and Domino’s

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It’s possible to wager on whether Elvis is still alive and ferret bingo, so why not pizza? As sports gambling continues to reach new heights across the US, there’s no shortage of ways marketers might try to capitalize on its popularity. Domino’s Pizza is adding to the growing list of companies to join, creating a new promotion with DraftKings that could have some lucky gamblers rolling in the dough.

Domino’s, DraftKings and Carside Delivery

Domino’s has drafted DraftKings to help with a promotion tied to the pizza creator’s car-side delivery service. According to a press release from yesterday, the Carside Delivery 2-Minute Guarantee Over/Under Challenge gives gamblers the opportunity to wager on the nationwide delivery average and a shot at winning a piece of the $200,000 prize pool. Gamblers can bet on if the average will be more or less than two minutes 80% of the time. The contest is now running and will end on July 12, with wagers being accepted on DraftKings’ website and its Daily Fantasy app. Unlike regular sports bets, participation is free and there’s no juice to be paid. Users don’t even have to buy a pie to get a slice of the action.

The Domino’s Carside Delivery service is straightforward. Customers order online before heading to the restaurant to pick up their pizza. When they arrive, they check in through the app and, as soon as the order is ready, it is delivered to the car. Domino’s promises to have the order delivered in under two minutes from the time of check-in, or it’s free. However, there’s no simple way to calculate the odds of whether the Under or Over will hit in the promotion, so gamblers will just have to take their best guess.

Sports Gambling on the Menu

This isn’t the first time a restaurant has teamed up with a sportsbook and it certainly won’t be the last. In addition to all of the independent, local sports gambling promotions that have popped up over the years, while flying under the radar, when PASPA died in 2018, a new era of activity was ushered in. BetMGM already teamed up with Buffalo Wild Wings to introduce a new marketing campaign and Hooters launched a promotion in Indiana, New Jersey and Pennsylvania with BetRivers.

Player acquisition for sportsbooks is always an expensive endeavor. By teaming up with established brands, operators can significantly reduce their upfront costs and attract more users without a large outlay. In many cases, such as the new Domino’s/DraftKings promotion, registration with the sportsbook is required, which means it has a new name to add to its database. This, however, is no different from any of the other marketing promotions that companies have run for the past few decades. Users can always opt-out of any communication if they’re not satisfied; no harm, no foul.

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