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Intralot and La Marocaine Des Jeux et des Sports Extended their Deal

Intralot, a Greek provider of gambling games and iGaming solutions, has reinforced its presence in the Maghreb region by expanding its deal with La Marocaine Des Jeux et des Sports (MDJS). The deal will see the supplier power the operator for one more year.

Intralot Will Power MDJS’s Offerings Until the End of 2023

The renewed deal will extend Intralot’s commitment to MDJS until December 31, 2023. As per the deal, the Greek supplier will continue managing the Moroccan gambling offerings, including lotteries, casino games and sports betting, until the agreement’s expiry date.

Intralot and MDJS have enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership this far. The two first joined forces back in 2010 when the Moroccan operator first picked the Greek provider. Since then, Intralot has been responsible for powering MDJS’ gambling businesses.

In March 2021, Intralot and La Marocaine Des Jeux et des Sports suddenly announced that they have decided to reduce the term of their eight-year agreement. The renewed deal was set to expire on December 31, 2022. This move was caused by the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on global industries. With the pandemic slowly subsiding, Intralot and MDJS have decided to continue working together for the following year.

La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports Will Soon Replace Intralot

 Although MDJS has re-signed its agreement with Intralot, the operator is now looking to move forward and find another supplier of its gambling business. In January 2022, the company announced an international call for a new partner.

MDJS opted to divide its tender into two parts. In the first one, the company seeks a new provider of fixed-odds sports and pari-mutuel betting. This includes iGaming bets on virtual events. Through the second tender, MDJS seeks a provider of lottery-styled games, raffles, instant games, sports lotteries, etc. 

Eligible companies have until April 4 to submit their proposals. A single operator can apply for one of the tenders or both of them, depending on its interest.

While Intralot may lose its position as MDJS’ sole provider, the company is actually going through a relatively favorable period. Three months ago, Intralot published its financial results for the third quarter of 2021. The data showed a significant business rebound with the company’s revenue and EBITDA growing steadily and recovering from the effects of the pandemic.

Intralot is one of the biggest suppliers in the world and has a presence in numerous regulated jurisdictions. Despite that, Intralot has its shortcomings and has been previously accused of not being fully compliant with a regulator’s rules.


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