Intelitics Inks Strategic Partnership with Flows for North American Market

Leading performance marketing and analytics provider, Intelitics, announced on Wednesday that it joined forces with the innovative platform that enables individuals and companies to build without code, Flows. The new strategic partnership for the North American and other global markets aims at boosting the value for customers.

Innovative Platform Flows Join Forces with Intelitics

As an innovative platform, Flows absorbs information from any feed. Afterward, the platform learns the information and translates it to its “no code Flows builder.” Then, the consumer can use this innovation to build features, create digital automation, workflows and connect systems. What is more, Flows is designed in a way to collaborate with other technologies used by the consumer. In other words, the platform can “supercharge” the current technology that the consumer uses and enable them to build without code.

Under the new collaboration, Flows’ customers will have seamless, real-time access to Intelitics. It is important to mention that no additional integration would be needed, which will help strengthen the “company’s drive to offer choice to its customers through a single integration with Flows and ensure they are not limited with who they can partner with.”

Currently, Intelitics offers casinos and online operators a single platform that enables them to analyze, track and grow their acquisition partnerships and campaigns. Available via web and mobile, the platform gives consumers access to real-time data that grants them new options that boost return on investment, as well as revenue. By using Flows, Intelitics customers will have the unique ability to customize what to do with the data and create new applications or features.

A Collaboration That Will Bring Tremendous Value to the North American Market

Intelitics’ CEO, Allan Stone, said that the new partnership will help Intelitics customers use data to develop new tools which in turn helps them extract greater value from it. He acknowledged that the strategic collaboration will undoubtedly bring many benefits for the two companies.

This strategic partnership between Flows and Intelitics will provide marketers in the US and beyond with the data and ability to develop and build the tools they need to extract the greatest value from it.

Allan Stone, CEO at Intelitics

According to Stone, amid the marketing war in North America, marketers now aim at growth at a sustainable cost and not at any cost. He explained that using that data, marketers will be able to make informed “decisions and refine campaigns based on what it is telling them.” In conclusion, Stone said that the new partnership will enable the marketers to achieve that.

This is a powerful combination and one that we believe will deliver tremendous added value to the North American market.

James King, CEO at Flows

Flows’ CEO, James King, added that the two companies share a goal to enable their customers to “innovate and grow at scale.” The company’s CEO explained that the new collaboration grants the customers the unique ability to build features and tools without code, while at the same time using real-time data. According to King, this collaboration will bring significant value to the North American market.

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