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In 2022 DraftKings Spent $2M on Security, Airplane Costs for CEO

Filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission reveals that DraftKings spent nearly $2 million on security, as well as airplane costs for its founder and CEO during the fiscal 2022

A recently-published Schedule 14A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reveals financial data about DraftKings’ co-founder and CEO, Jason Robins’, expenses. The financial document points out that DraftKings spent nearly $2 million on airplane and security costs for Robins throughout 2022. Moreover, the CEO and co-founder also had some $131,607 expenses attributable to the Super Bowl.

Additional details from the SEC filing reveal that DraftKings’ security spending on Robins last year was close to a million, or $968,990. Another $975,191 was spent on airplane costs. This brings the total to $1,944,181 spent on security and airfares for Robins and his family.

The $131,607 in Super Bowl allocated to Robins was spent on purchasing gameday tickets, as well as special events. Additional expenditures included travel and accommodations for Robins and his family during the Super Bowl week.

DraftKings’ Leadership Sees Equity-Based Pay of Approximately $40 Million

Robins, Mathew Kalish, DraftKings’ president of North America, and Paul Liberman, the company’s president, global technology and product, all received $1 in annual salaries in 2022. However, the trio’s equity-based pay for the fiscal 2022 was approximately $40 million each, based on the company’s filing with SEC.

In detail, Robins’ stock awards for 2022 were $43.7 million, while Kalish and Liberman saw $40 million in stock awards each. The non-equity incentive plan compensation of Robins for the fiscal 2022 year was $1.4 million, while Kalish and Liberman had $776,156 each. Separately, for the fiscal 2022 year, Robins’ “other compensations” were listed as $2.3 million. Kalish saw $104,169 in other compensations while Liberman reported $155,751 in 2022.

Recently, Robins took to Twitter, revealing his plans for the future of DraftKings and what the company’s growth would look like. He explained that despite some ups and downs, DraftKings plans to grow further while at the same time optimizing its processes and cutting down on costs.


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