IGT Joins Problem Gambling Awareness Month with Positive Play

International Game Technology (IGT) has launched the Positive Play campaign, an initiative designed to bolster the efforts by other industry mastodons who have committed to the Problem Gambling Awareness Month or PGAM and intend to uphold its tenets strictly. The idea behind Positive Play is to raise awareness for responsible gambling in the general public.

Bringing Awareness on the Issue Matters

To this end, IGT will turn to its own workforce and host discussion panels each Tuesday where team members will talk about responsible gambling and discuss the significance of Positive Play. The company has also donated to the International Center for Responsible Gaming as it attempts to bolster funding for NGOs that are committed and have been committed to eradicating problem gambling and providing consumers with the means to overcome the issues themselves.

IGT SVP of marketing, communications, and sustainability Wendy Montgomery has welcomed the opportunity to be collaborating with the rest of the company’s team to advance PGAM’s messages. According to Montgomery, responsible gambling is a well-documented part of the company’s culture and long-term strategy where care for consumers and employees is the uppermost priority for everyone:

“It is through industry initiatives such as Problem Gambling Awareness Month that we can showcase our leadership in this space on a broader scale and bring further awareness to our customers and their players.”

IGT SVP of marketing, communications, and sustainability Wendy Montgomery

Montgomery spoke on behalf of the company’s employees when she said that everyone on the team was pleased to be joining the opportunity to contribute to PGAM through Positive Play. IGT is well-represented in all gambling verticals which makes it even more important for the company to be responsible towards its consumers and the rest of the team.

Responsible Gambling Becomes Priority for All

Responsible gambling has been a particularly important topic not just for IGT but other industry companies, consumers, and regulators. Companies from across the world have been rallying their efforts to ensure that responsible gambling tenets are upheld not just for the occasion of PGAM.

FanDuel launched a new responsible gambling initiative in collaboration with the National Council on Problem Gambling, and the Entain Foundation US introduced an updated app that is designed with educating consumers and businesses on the virtue of gambling in moderation.

Overall, the focus in regulated markets has shifted to responsible gambling, which means practicing austerity in allocating bonuses, as are the current regulatory frameworks in most of Europe and Australia. The United States is still using copious promotions to lure in new customers as active bettors.

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