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IBIA Teams up with IBJR to Protect Brazilian Betting

Тhe two parties will improve monitoring in the country as they seek to crack down on match-fixing in professional sports

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has signed an integrity-oriented agreement with the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming (IBJR), a newly-founded body seeking to contribute to the ongoing discussion and development of the gambling market.

Under the agreement, the two parties will improve monitoring in the LATAM country as they seek to crack down on match-fixing in professional sports. Fixed games are a prominent problem in the Brazilian market, as attested by a recently-launched investigation.

As per the deal, IBIA members will provide exclusive data that the IBJR can use when probing the market for fraud. Since more than half of the Brazilian iGaming operators are now IBIA members, the IBJR’s capabilities to identify fraud will be vastly improved.

In addition, the two bodies will work to channel local customers toward the regulated market, making it easier to spot march-fixing attempts. The IBIA and the IBJR will collaborate with local authorities to further shield customers from fraud.

Khalid Ali, IBIA’s chief executive officer, commented on the matter, saying that his team is delighted to join forces with the IBRJ. He noted that both entities have the same vision for sports betting in Brazil and will complement each other well.

Ali noted that it is paramount to protect Brazilian sports bettors. To that end, the IBIA and the IBRJ will explore opportunities to crack down on gambling fraud and will launch joint integrity-oriented initiatives.

Brazil’s Betting Sector Is Growing

The partnership between the IBIA and the IBJR follows the former body’s recent decision to expand its presence in Brazil. According to the integrity specialist, it now covers around 60% of the online sports betting market in the country.

The expansion, the IBIA noted, comes at an important moment since Brazil is preparing to regulate sports betting.

Brazil is one of the most promising South American countries when it comes to sports betting. The market has been rapidly expanding and reached almost a billion dollars in GGR last year. Experts say that this number will likely double in four years.

As mentioned, Brazil is currently probing into match-fixing in professional sports under the guidance of its Justice Minister, Flávio Dino. Dino launched the probe in the wake of several match-fixing cases, saying that the manipulations are a serious threat to the local market.

The minister said that the inquiry will be led by Brazil’s Federal Police and warned that the findings of this probe may have international repercussions.


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