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High-Risk Gamblers Make Up only 3.3% of Kindred’s Profits

Kindred Group, a company operating nine gambling brands, has reported that a smaller portion of its revenues come from problem bettors than in 2021.

Kindred Earns Less from Problem Gamblers

According to numbers shared by the company, only 3.3% of its overall revenues during the first quarter of 2022 have come from harmful gambling. Taking a look at the broader statistics, Kindred has seen some fluctuations in problem gambling rates during 2021. In the second quarter of the year, the company earned 4.3% of its overall revenues thanks to high-risk players. This number declined by a whole percent in the third quarter of the year only to spring back up to 4.0% in the final one.

Despite the fluctuations, the overall gambling harm rates have been decreasing rather than increasing. This is thanks to Kindred’s commitment to healthy wagering – the company has been trying to keep a track of its problem players and is manually contacting those who exhibit signs of addictive tendencies.

The company is also trying to avoid targeting people between 18 and 25 as they are statistically more likely to become hooked on gambling.

The Company Wants to Help Its Customers Stay Safe

Kindred’s chief executive officer, Henrik Tjärnström, has spoken about the alarming rates of gambling harm in the world and his intention of making Kindred different from its competitors. He has the daring dream of turning Kindred into a responsible company that takes no money from problem gamblers.

Tjärnström emphasized the importance of manual interventions – something that truly helps Kindred customers gamble in moderation. He explained:

“Our team has specifically focused on optimizing our manual interventions further, resulting in a higher percentage of customers showing healthier gambling behavior after they have been detected and contacted by our responsible gambling team.”

Kindred CEO Henrik Tjärnström

The CEO added that manual intervention is one of Kindred’s key focuses in 2021. Additionally, Kindred will seek to help those who are not actively seeking help. The company is partnering with the RecoverMe solution, which has been made available for free on Kindred’s platforms in the US and Britain. RecoverMe helps people keep their habits in check with proven tools suited to the needs of those who do not wish to seek therapy.

Tjärnström concluded that he is looking forward to working together with RecoverMe’s team and doubling down on Kindred’s efforts to make its services safer for its users. The group will continue sponsoring crucial PhD programs on addiction studies and participate in various activities that help to minimize the rates of gambling harm.

Kindred’s revenues plummeted after the company left the key Dutch market after its re-regulation. Despite the difficult period, the company has demonstrated its good intentions by helping problem gamblers get their addiction under control.


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