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Hidalgo County Authorities Crack Down on Illegal Gambling in Edcouch

The operation, conducted by the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, led to the arrest of seven individuals, signaling a significant escalation in efforts to curb the rising trend of illegal gambling in the area

Law enforcement authorities in Hidalgo County cracked down on illegal gambling activities once again, this time raiding the Tejano Treasures game room in Edcouch

Tejano Treasures Raid Leads to Arrests and Confiscation of Gaming Machines

During the raid on October 4, deputies discovered a multitude of gaming machines at the Tejano Treasures establishment located at 100 E. Santa Rosa Ave. Among the arrested individuals was the owner of the business, 30-year-old Mohammad Sean Butt, along with five others identified as 38-year-old Susana Amanda Romo, 47-year-old Yecenia Castaneda, 52-year-old Janie Loredo, 42-year-old Juan Pablo Contreras, and 32-year-old Cesar Gabriel Cervantes.

The charges brought against the detainees include keeping a gambling place, possession of gambling devices and equipment, gambling promotion, and engaging in organized criminal activity, according to a statement released by the sheriff’s office. The raid follows a series of similar operations in recent months, with the authorities intensifying their crackdown due to the increasing popularity of game rooms in Hidalgo County.

Sergeant Enrique Longoria, a spokesperson for the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, emphasized the importance of adhering to the state laws governing gambling activities. Texas law expressly prohibits businesses from operating eight-liners that offer cash prizes, except under certain conditions. An exception allows game rooms to operate legally only if non-cash prizes valued at less than $5 are awarded.

District Attorney Voices Concern Amidst Recent Raids

Commenting on the situation, Hidalgo County District Attorney Terry Palacios expressed his lack of surprise regarding the raid, given the blatant disregard for the law exhibited by some game room operators, reported KRGV

Another similar case from last week saw a crackdown on illegal gambling operations in Elsa, Hidalgo County, as 14 individuals were arrested and arraigned on multiple gambling-related charges following a raid at the Sizzling Sevens game room. The operation, conducted by various law enforcement agencies, revealed a substantial number of gaming machines inside the Sizzling Sevens establishment. The detained individuals, identified as possible operators of the game room, were thoroughly questioned and might face criminal offense charges.

Those caught gambling or running illegal game rooms can face misdemeanor charges and fines, underscoring the seriousness of engaging in such activities. The recent crackdown sends a clear message that law enforcement agencies in Hidalgo County are committed to combating illegal gambling and ensuring that businesses adhere to the state’s regulations. The investigation into the Tejano Treasures raid remains ongoing, as authorities continue their efforts to dismantle illegal gambling operations in the region.


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  • Noe Melinda Martinez
    October 6, 2023 at 6:24 pm

    I hope they permanently close, ban and replace these establishments to something better worthy to serve the community in a better positive environment for the sake of the future generations.

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