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Hero Gaming Designates Sarah Stellini as CEO

Swedish gaming company Hero Gaming has designated Sarah Stellini as its new chief executive officer. Stellini officially assumed her new position on November 1, 2022. Before that, she was Hero Gaming’s commercial director for nine months. The CEO position was previously taken by Patrick Jonker, a former director for William Hill. 

Stellini Brings a Fresh Perspective on the Gaming Business 

Describing herself as “proficient” in creating important alliances with key stakeholders while making use of her “excellent” communication, time-management, leadership, organizational, and time-management skills, Stellini is expected to bring a “fresh” perspective on the gaming business. Hero Gaming anticipates she will successfully manage the company using a variety of “interesting opportunities” while harnessing her over 13 years of experience working in the digital entertainment world. Her marketing and acquisitions background is also expected to help the company that has recently gone through a restructuring phase after selling its Swedish Business-to-Consumer assets. 

Ever since, the company began looking into new ways to concentrate on its core markets while delivering the best gaming experiences possible for all customers. This ultimately convinced management to work on a more streamlined structure with a stronger focus on its activities. The restructuring of all C-level positions soon followed, bringing Stellini into her new position as CEO. Speaking about the latest changes in the company, Stellini expressed her regret for seeing some of their “heroes” moving on, while showing appreciation for their hard work and contribution to the growth of the company.

Stellini also acknowledged the necessity of restructuring as a means of guaranteeing the long-term success of the company. She also praised the “hard work of the previous management team” managed by Patrick Jonker, explaining that Hero Gaming was in a “better position” to function in the core markets it currently operates in.  

Hero Gaming’s Future Lies in Innovation and Top Customer Experiences

Stellini explained the company’s future greatly depends on its core markets and how it will manage to keep delivering innovative products and state-of-the-art customer experiences appealing to its customer base. Before reaching Hero Gaming, Stellini spent more than two years working as Betsson Group’s head of new business and head of marketing for Zecure Gaming, and another four years as the same group’s head of growth optimization, global conversion optimization manager, and e-commerce manager for NordicBet. Before that, Stelinni also spent more than five years with Uniblue Systems. Between July 2018 and February 2020, she was Catena Medias’ commercial product owner. 

Hero Gaming’s chairman and founder Georg Westin said he had “as much faith in Hero Gaming as ever” while looking forward to the “thriving future” ahead. He added Stellini had “the energy to form the new organization” while expressing his belief that she will be an excellent chief executive officer. 

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