Helix eSports and ggCircuit Join Esports Entertainment Group

Esports Entertainment Group Inc., an online sports entertainment and gambling company, has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Helix eSports LLC and ggCircuit LLC.

Esports Entertainment Completes Both Acquisitions

Esports Entertainment Group, a leading online sports betting and gambling company, has completed its Helix eSports LLC and ggCircuit LLC acquisitions, aiming to become one of the global leaders on the market with an unparalleled diversified offering.

Esports Entertainment Group CEO Grant Johnson stated that the company completed both acquisitions to establish “the most diversified US-listed esports entertainment asset in the entire ecosystem.”

He said that these actions would strengthen the company’s play, watch, and betting strategy. It will add cutting-edge entertainment centers to the esports-focused business. The company will add to its assets a best-in-class esports analytics platform and player-vs-player skill-based wagering platform. The group’s goal is to become an unrivaled leader in the industry worldwide.

Esports Entertainment recently announced its acquisition of Bethard, a Swedish sportsbook brand by Bethard Group Limited. Under the acquisition deal, the group will $19.5 million in cash and a 12% net gaming revenue share for the next two years.

Helix Brings Genji Analytics and Landuel to Esports Entertainment

Helix eSports includes five esports centers, two of which are some of the largest in the US, with innovative gaming and esports programming infrastructure and world-class customer service. The company offers tournaments, casual playing, esports boot camps, and other gaming experiences. Its centers are popular destinations among competitive gamers who like to participate in tournaments. Through its acquisition of Helix eSports, Esports Entertainment group acquires Genji Analytics (Genji) and LANduel.

Genji, which is part of Helix, is an esports analytics provider trusted by publishers. It uses innovative technology and optimization, machine learning tools, and natural language processing to provide its sophisticated analytics. Genji works with sports leagues like FIFA and the NBA to power up its data-driven activities. Helix eSports centers include Genji products to customize tournaments, enhancing the games with analytics.

Helix LANduel is a player-vs-player betting platform that allows skill-based betting on third-party video games and includes four-factor authentication to secure players’ ID verification.

The B2B software company ggCircuit offers a tournament platform, cloud-based management for LAN centers, and integrated wallet/point-of-sale solutions for other companies. It has more than 1,000 connected locations. Its client portfolio includes companies like Lenovo, Dell, GameStop, and Best Buy. The company’s ggLeap product has 60 million hours of usage by more than two million unique users on gaming screens in centers worldwide.

LANduel can easily integrate with ggCircuit centers across the country and become part of its product suite.

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