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HeadsUp, Emirates Draw Operational Partnership Deal Closed

HeadsUp has been keeping busy and although some of its financials might not be indicating it, huge growth opportunities are always in the conversation when it’s being discussed.

Deal Closed, Partnership Official

HeadsUp Entertainment – the Canadian operator and media company – published a news statement on PR Newswire, announcing its operational partnership deal with Emirates Draw is now official. As per the statement, the deal was finalized on August 26, 2022, and was being led by its newly developed team based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). There was a video shareholders’ presentation shared on the company’s Twitter account, going over the significance of the deal. However, in its news release, the company outlined that the “enhanced platform” will allow it to “target significant global markets”.

The Emirates Draw website was live shortly after, with multiple lotteries and games available, as well as active draws, to name some of the products on the website the HeadsUp (HDUP) now operates. These will be complimenting HeadsUp’s growing portfolio of various iGaming, e-sports and sports betting products. The World Cup will be held in Qatar in a few months, and Emirates Draw will be the only lottery in the region, as twitter user @2outted outlined, making the Emirates Draw a potentially huge deal for HDUP.

India and South Africa are already a target of the company’s growth strategy, and the new operational partnership deal with Emirates Draw will allow the company to “expand the global footprint of this brand.”

HeadsUp On a Roll

Although the company’s stock suffered a decline of as much as 10% following the announcement, HeadsUp has been rather busy throughout the entire year, with recent months being particularly newsworthy.

Although financial terms were not fully disclosed initially, more information was provided on the company’s twitter page regarding the acquisition of Spinola, granting it licenses to operate across several regulated markets, including Brazil, Peru, Colombia and other Latin American markets, as well as positions in Europe. As per the company’s additional corporate disclosures, available on its Twitter account, six “New White Label clients” are in “launch phase” for Brazil, Peru and India, with “national lotteries” launching in Nigeria and Cameroon. Furthermore, “three more markets [are] set to launch on the same brand” sometime in the first half of 2023.

In July, the LotteryHub acquisition deal was finalized, helping the platform serving north of four million Americans grow further. LotteryHub also has agreements with companies in Brazil and Eastern Europe, as well as Mexico and Africa, setting the stage for further synergies.

Earlier in the year HeadsUp announced it’s partnering with Enteractive Media – the broadcasting and event company – as part of its launch strategy for creating revenue streams across all US six states in which it had been approved to operate its iGaming and sports betting products. Of course, this includes operations outside the US, namely in Ontario, as well.

Not that this is going to make it an exhaustive list, but May also held similar news for HeadsUp, when the MetaVerse Vision Group FZE LLC partnership was announced. The UAE-based company owns 51% of the newly created HeadsUp Ventures FZ UAE subsidiary, with HeadsUp owning the remaining 49%.


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