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HeadsUp Finalized LotteryHub Acquisition Deal

HeadsUp Entertainment, a global iGaming media and entertainment company, has completed its acquisition of LotteryHub. The latter is a platform that provides millions of people with crucial information about lotteries and helps them navigate the complicated lottery space.

HeadsUp Will Help the LotteryHub Grow

According to statistics, the LotteryHub currently serves over four million Americans. The brand is bullish on expanding and hopes to reach many new regulated jurisdictions, both in the United States and beyond. This makes the deal with HeadsUp entertainment an especially beneficial one.

HeadsUp vowed to help the LotteryHub expand through strategic partnerships and deals. As of the time of this writing, the LotteryHub has agreements with companies in Brazil, Africa, Eastern Europe and Mexico. HeadsUp analysts predict that the expansion will help the LotteryHub reach about 120 million new customers across the world and become an unrivaled powerhouse in its sector.

In addition, the LotteryHub plans to continue expanding in its home market as well. The lottery platform hopes to launch in more states as the regulatory headwinds subside. The LotteryHub hopes to expand its online sales and establish itself as a leading online retailer and software platform for lotteries.

HeadsUp’s High-Ups Trust in the LotteryHub’s Potential

Doug Wilson, president of HeadsUp, spoke more about the acquisition. He is optimistic about LotteryHub’s future, both in lottery and gaming. Wilson justified his optimism with the global recession, noting that tough economic conditions tend to favor lottery and gaming businesses. Because of that, Wilson is sure that the LotteryHub will quickly expand its market share.

Mark Hutchinson, the chief business development officer of HeadsUp, also shared his thoughts on LotteryHub. Hutchinson shares Wilson’s belief that LotteryHub can easily expand on the global lottery market. Therefore, he is happy with his company’s new acquisition.

My decades of working in the lottery business have come to an incredible moment where new regulatory opportunities, technology and a global network of business relationship are converging to position HeadsUp to aggressively acquire strategic assets, close sales and distribution agreements and make a substantial amount of money in the business.

Mark Hutchinson, chief business development officer, HeadsUp Entertainment

Hutchinson is sure that once the market becomes aware of the LotteryHub, it will experience massive growth. This, in turn, will translate into enhanced shareholder value – something Hutchinson is glad to be working on. He called it an “example of the right people with the right products at the right time.”

In other news, HeadsUp recently inked an agreement with Centurion Fighting Club, an MMA organization.


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