September 13, 2022 3 min read

Hard Rock Raises US Workers’ Salaries

Hard Rock International, a global gambling casino and hospitality giant, announced a new initiative to support its non-tipped workers. The company has set aside $100 million to raise the salary of a total of 10,000 employees and help them make ends meet. This initiative primarily concerns Hard Rock’s US workers.

Hard Rock Raises Salaries to Cater to Its Workers’ Needs

The bonuses will vary from $18 to $21 an hour and will help workers deal with the ongoing inflation and the lack of tips. Through this initiative, Hard Rock hopes to retain its talented workers and attract new ones as well.

The raises are not exclusively reserved for non-tipped workers. Some salaried employees, such as cooks, desk clerks, cashiers, housekeepers and security workers will also receive raises. In certain cases, workers will get an immediate raise of as much as 60%. Overall, Hard Rock hopes to raise the wages of roughly half of its US workforce.

Currently, companies seek to raise the wages of their workers and make sure they get to keep them. The contemporary gambling industry has to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic, the rising cost of living and the global manpower shortage.

The Initiative Will Help Hard Rock Retain Its Employees

Jim Allen, chairman and chief executive of Hard Rock International, spoke about his company’s decision to raise its workers’ salaries. He noted that the gambling giant recognizes the current economic conditions and therefore realizes the need to help out its workers.

According to Allen, Hard Rock wanted to do something that helps its employees and shows the company’s appreciation at the same time. He pointed out that his company tends to pick only the highest quality employees and wants to compensate them for their hard work.

David Schwartz, a gambling history expert from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, noted that the changing economic landscape will force companies to adapt, should they want to keep their employees. He noted that raising workers’ paychecks is one of the securest ways for a company to retain its workers and attract new ones.

Experts and workers union representatives praised Hard Rock International for its resolve to increase the salaries of its US employees. Many cited this decision as exemplary and noted that it will help advertise Hard Rock’s working conditions to future workers.

In other news, Hard Rock recently launched a new sports betting app in Indiana and Tennessee. The launch is a part of Hard Rock’s strategy to capitalize on the fast-growing online betting market.


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