November 25, 2022 3 min read


Greco Launches Gameplay Risk Management Product in New Jersey

Leading expert in risk segmentation, multi-accounting, bonus abuse, and bonus engine development in the iGaming industry Greco has registered as a vendor in New Jersey. The London-based company has partnered with the New-Jersey-located arm of Resorts Casino & Hotel, Resorts Digital Gaming. This will allow it to initiate its risk management operations for online casinos and operators. Similar licenses are expected to follow with partners from New Jersey and other US states in the future.  

Greco Expected to Bring a “Wider Shift in the Local Industry”

Resorts Digital Gaming expects the new agreement with Greco to “herald a wider shift in the local industry” that is currently bringing $3.12 billion into the state treasury. Resorts Digital Gaming’s chief executive officer Ed Andrewes spoke about Greco’s registration as a vendor in New Jersey, calling it “great news” for them and the rest of the operators in the Garden State. Andrewes also spoke about Greco’s “considerable experience” in European markets while looking forward to using the risk engine to fight bonus abuse, one of the greatest challenges they are currently facing. 

Greco has worked with more than 30 providers, operators, and content creators. The list includes some of the names in the industry, along with promising start-ups. Greco specializes in the automatic identification of real-time bonus abuse.  

With the help of behavioral analysis and theoretical value modeling, Greco removes the bias of standard metrics while quantifying the risk associated with individual players. Operators using Greco’s gameplay risk engine will be able to segment their activity based on the identified risks to enhance the efficiency of their operational and marketing activities. 

Fighting Off Bonus Abuse in New Jersey Casinos

The term “Bonus Abuse” describes a variety of profitable strategies used by casino players to optimize the value of promotions and bonus offers. At the moment, gameplay risk measures do not assess gameplay behaviors tied to all forms of abuse. This means that perpetrators manage to escape detection and keep profiting from operators in the long term.

By entering the New Jersey market, Greco will help operators effectively manage the exploration of each form of bonus abuse. The list includes advantage play and exploitable slots. Bonus abuse in New Jersey sees players extract $17,875 in value per identity in connection to welcome offers alone, as per data provided by Greco’s chief executive officer Ozric Vondervelden and client success manager Philip O’Driscoll.

Earlier in the month, the third-quarter gross operating profit recorded by New Jersey casinos was 13.4% lower compared to Q3 in 2021. 

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