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Gov. Pritzker Introduces Online Registration at Sportsbooks

 Illinois will allow a temporary exemption for online account registration at sportsbooks in the state responding to the COVID-19 cases.

Remote Sportsbooks Registration Reinstated in Illinois

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has approved a ream of measures that would allow sports fans in the state to register and place a bet remotely. Responding to the changing situation with COVID-19 infections, Gov. Pritzker and lawmakers have decided to enforce safer overall betting measures. Illinois introduced online sports betting earlier this year.

Signing up for an online sports betting account can now be done remotely, without visiting any physical location. Yet, it will take the state some time to enforce the new order, and probably not before September 19. The order was originally voted on June 4, but it was reissued on Friday August 21 as it failed to come into effect the first time.

The order is also a direct response listed under the Illinois’ Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamations that seek to address and minimize the risks of COVID-19 infections in the state.

Those same measures were put in place in March, shuttering all land-based casino operations in the state. With the proclamations expiring on July 26 and casinos restarting operations at 50% on July 1, Gov. Pritzker has taken his time to consider the order and whether it would be necessary once again.

According to the latest developments, allowing sports fans to sign up remotely for online sports betting is the best and safer course of action.

In terms of business, the measure shouldn’t change too much, although sportsbooks affiliated with land-based operators, such as PointsBet in the Metropolitan area would probably see a small dip in activity.

Will Registrations Affect Business in Illinois?

Sports fans tend to order drinks, food and use other amenities on top of placing a sports bet. In the conditions of a pandemic, though, most of the catering services have been suspended.

On the flipside, brands as DraftKings, which rely on remote betting more so than their competitors, will benefit from liberalizing the market and enabling sports fans to register remotely one more time, but more importantly open accounts without visiting a physical location.

Meanwhile, the Illinois Gaming Control Board has issued new restrictions limiting gaming in the state.

The new measures came into effect on August 18 and will be lifted as soon as health authorities and the gaming regulator can agree that the infection rates have been contained.

This is a breakaway from the original rule established by the state which mandates that all players should register in person in the first 18 months of a venue’s operations.

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