August 23, 2023 3 min read


Golden Rock Global Hints at Reverse Takeover Plans with 2mee

The reverse takeover, estimated between $7.6 million and $10.1 million is subject to financial and legal due diligence

2Mee Limited is a company that specializes in the development of next-generation omnichannel communication by delivering messages from influencers on-screen and via applications. Such messages stand out with personalization and customization options, allowing for humanized messaging over the internet and helping brands engage with their audiences via an innovative method.

The company anticipates further growth and expansion, which may be achieved via a reverse takeover. Golden Rock Global (GCG), an acquisition vehicle that explores emerging opportunities within the fin-tech vertical, revealed recently that it has signed a head-of-terms agreement with 2mee shareholders. The proposed acquisition involves the entire share of capital of 2mee.

Despite the head of terms agreement, the acquisition is subject to the relevant financial due diligence and legal approvals. Still, GCG explained that it anticipates the acquisition to be in the region of £6 million ($7.6 million) and £8 million ($10.1 million). Judging by a statement released by the company, if the process gains further traction, the consideration is expected to be satisfied with new GCG shares. Still, the company confirmed that the final price tag of the takeover is yet to be determined and approved.

2mee Anticipates Significant Growth and Expansion

The process, known as a reverse takeover, is expected to propel 2mee’s growth. The company confirmed that it anticipates scaling up its operations and expanding its reach at the same time. 2mee said that this process may involve the hiring of new specialists and retaining talent, along with the development of technology that caters to leading iGaming operators.

Ross Andrews, GCG’s chairman confirmed that the company is thrilled to collaborate with 2mee. He spoke about the growing global market of influencers that continues to expand. Finally, Andrews highlighted 2mee’s innovative technology that helps capitalize on this growing market and continues to grow.

In Golden Rock Global, we have a group of people that understand the power and capabilities of our technology and how it can change the game for businesses across many sectors when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers.

James Riley, CEO of 2mee

James Riley, 2mee’s CEO, revealed that online gambling brands can benefit from the company’s technology that delivers options for personalization. According to him, 2mee’s technology can help iGaming companies stand out from the competition and impact “consumer behavior at the crucial moment of decision.”

The CEO of 2mee added that it identified GCG as a company that sees the potential of this new technology and the positive impact it can have on player engagement and retention. Finally, Riley said that 2mee is looking forward to its next level of growth through collaboration with GCG.


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