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GLMS Rebrand Conveys Ambitious New Goals

Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS), the international association of state lotteries conceived to combat sports competition manipulation, held its general meeting in Vancouver on October 18, 2022. Members unanimously agreed to approve the association’s new name and brand identity, United Lotteries for Integrity in Sport (ULIS). 

The New Name Reflects an Expanded Outlook

The new identity aims to clearly communicate the association’s true identity and what it represents. According to a lottery member survey, the organization’s former name no longer corresponded to its expanded range of services. These range from education, training, and prevention programs to knowledge-building, intelligence studies, and stakeholder influence management. The new initiatives are linked to a new positioning and strategy that has evolved from initial monitoring to a complete global ecosystem of services.

GLMS president Ludovico Calvi confirmed the organization’s expanded scope and announced that the new name would better convey its services and products.

ULIS, as a new branding design, conveys a powerful message that the lottery world is united to safeguard the integrity of sport competitions. 

Ludovico Calvi, president of GLMS

According to the association’s official press release, the “ULIS” acronym was more dynamic, meaningful, and memorable, representing the organization’s goal to evolve into a global, non-profit and multi-stakeholder network. GLMS also reassured its members that the name change would not impact existing contracts and offered helpful information on handling the transition.

Combating Sports Fraud Remains at the Core

According to the official information, the new identity was the next step in general secretary Luca Esposito’s ambitions to fundamentally reshape the organization’s image in front of lotteries, sports leagues, regulators, and law enforcement.

Despite the rebranding, the organization will still prioritize its core mission of maintaining sports integrity and combating manipulation in sports betting. In Q2 of this year, GLMS recorded an impressive 287 suspicious betting alerts, supplying its partners with the data necessary to investigate any doubts about match-fixing.

The association’s proven track record also greatly benefitted its expansion efforts. In April, the GLMS officially launched in Ontario thanks to an agreement with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). This cooperation perfectly demonstrates the organization’s increased scope. The GLMS agreed to provide educational and monitoring services, establish cross-border regulators and clamp down on fraud in sports. 

The new ULIS name looks like a decisive step forward for the organization in its ambitious self-proclaimed mission to help fix sports once and for all.

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