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Germany’s DSWV Welcomes Oddset as Its Latest Member

Oddset will be responsible for protecting players and joining the war on illegal marketing – two very hot topics in Germany at the moment

Oddset Sportwetten, a German online and retail sports betting operator, has become a part of the Deutscher Sportwettenverband (DSWV), the German sports betting association. The former party joined the association with immediate effect on December 1 and will work with like-minded companies to promote legal and responsible gambling across the country.

As a member of the DSWV, Oddset will be responsible for protecting players and joining the war on illegal marketing – two very hot topics in Germany at the moment. For reference, the country continues to have serious problems with black market operators and is working hard to channel players toward the legal alternative.

By joining the association, Oddset will become a part of a family that includes companies such as Bet365, Betway, bwin and Tipico, among others. The DSWV is firmly committed to protecting the sector and ensuring its integrity while promoting legal betting across the country.

The DSWV was founded in 2014 to represent the sports betting industry and mediate between the betting sector, the government and the public.

Germany Struggles with the Black Market

Germany continues to struggle with unlicensed operators which continue to occupy a large market share. According to a recent study, a whopping 50% of the gambling in Germany occurs on unlicensed sites.

Commissioned by the German iGaming association (DOCV) and the DSWV, and conducted conducted by economist Gunther Schnabl from the University of Leipzig, the survey raised concerns about the efficacy of Germany’s online gambling regulations.

In addition, a recent Gambling Atlas report revealed that 7.7% of German adults experience gambling-related problems that cause them social and financial stress. In addition, the report showed that 3.3 million Germans are at risk of gambling addiction.

In the meantime, the gambling powerhouse Entain just commented on the results of the former study, critiquing the inefficiency of Germany’s iGaming regulations.


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