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GeoComply Reinforces Team with Ex-Secret Service Special Agent

Michael Dawson, a former US Secret Service agent that brings extensive experience in combatting fraud and crypto-related crimes, joins GeoComply's Risk Services team

The leading geolocation, fraud and risk services provider, GeoComply, strengthened its team of experts by hiring a former US Secret Service Special Agent. The company unveiled Tuesday it expanded its Risk Services team with the addition of Michael Dawson, a former Secret Service Special Agent with more than two decades of experience.

Dawson marks the latest addition to GeoComply’s growing Risk Services team. The company’s team is focused on risk management, preventing fraud and ensuring compliance. At the same time, the Risk Services team contributes to the liaison between companies and law enforcement.

Ultimately, GeoComply’s dedicated team of experts seeks to help its partners “identify and address high-risk behavior from their customers, mitigate that risk, and escalate it to law enforcement agencies when required.” Without any doubt, Dawson makes a fine addition to the growing Risk Services team. He first joined the US Secret Service back in 1999, a time when the internet was just beginning to grow. Back then, he was a member of the Electric Crimes Taskforce.

The Former Special Agent Brings Extensive Experience in Combatting Fraud

Throughout his extensive 23-year career with the Secret Service, Dawson accumulated unique experience by collaborating with experts, law enforcement and businesses. This helped him become a leading investigator of fraud, cybercrime and money laundering primarily related to cryptocurrencies. Additionally, Dawson was the lead agent within a large-scale multi-agency Priority Transnational Organized Crime investigation called “Operation Crypto Runner.”

This feels like such a good fit for me because it allows me to continue the fight against fraud using GeoComply’s cutting-edge technology.

Michael Dawson, Risk Services team member at GeoComply

Dawson shared his excitement acknowledging that in his new role, he will leverage cutting-edge technology from GeoComply to continue to fight against fraud. He added that the company’s technology is scalable and effective. Finally, Dawson said: “If more of the banks and platforms I helped had used GeoComply, it would have made investigations a lot simpler and the life of the criminals a lot harder.”

While automating fraud alerts is a big part of what we do to protect our customers, we have found that machines still don’t learn as fast as fraud evolves.

Danny DiRienzo, director of Risk Services at GeoComply

Danny DiRienzo, GeoComply’s director of Risk Services, said that automation of fraud alerts is a big part of the protection of the company’s customers. Yet, he acknowledged that fraudulent activities evolve faster than machines can learn. DiRienzo added that this is why GeoComply fuses automation and expert human analysis, which ultimately helps protect its partners.


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