Genius Ice Hockey LiveStats Solution to Power Leagues and Federations

Genius Sports Group launches a fifth LiveStats Solution to grab Ice Hockey data and feed it back to interested parties.

Boosting Ice Hockey Coverage with Big Data

Genius Sports Group partnering with NCAA has accelerated the 2020/21 launch of the new Ice Hockey LiveStats Solutions giving NCAA’s members the opportunity to get more accurate and detailed data and statistics from Ice Hockey matches and events.

GSG’s LiveStats Solutions has been used in more than half a million different games across soccer, basketball, football and volleyball since 2008. Ice Hockey is the newest sport that has joined the club and with LiveStats Leagues, federations and fans will be able to see a more detailed and entertaining data, such as play-by-plays, full box scores, short charts and face-offs.

“The new NCAA LiveStats software for ice hockey is truly a tremendous leap forward when it comes to analyzing the sport at all levels. It can tell a more complete story of how a game progressed from start-to-finish,” said Dave Walberg Assistant Director of Athletics at UMass Boston. “I feel that their process has made the software game ready and will be a huge tool for analyzing the sport by fans, coaches, and communication professionals.”

Expanding Broadcasts and Betting Opportunities

Genius Sports Group provides the opportunity to live stream to a much wider audience than before. The company’s technology connects sports, betting and digital sport content and is used in over 150 countries worldwide.

This technology helps boost streams and provides value to livestream broadcasts by helping its users to enhance their relationships with fans. Genius Sports unique solutions also give a way to leagues and federations to showcase their talented players to the world for millions of people watching and bring new opportunities to grow.

Commercial Partnerships Director Sean Conroy has said that this is a unique opportunity that will benefit everyone because of their wide and growing portfolio of videos and premium data, especially when the regulated betting continues to expand across the US.

As evident by the partnership with the AHL, Genius Sports Group reached a staggering 240,000 broadcasts per year which will supply live trading models and proprietary algorithms of the data provider.

Genius Sports’ portfolio of partnerships has been fast-expanding. The company signed another data deal with WynnBet earlier in February, along with renewing its existing partnership with Australia’s Hungry Jack National Basketball League.

The company snatched another license in Virginia and Michigan at the end of January after the company announced plans to go public a week before that.

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