Genius Becomes AFA’s Official Data and Streaming Partner

Under a new agreement, the AFA named Genius Sports Official Data and Streaming partner. The company received exclusive rights for capturing, distributing and broadcasting official AFA data.

Genius Expands AFA Partnership, Adds Official Data and Streaming Rights

Genius Sports, the leading sports data provider, announced on Tuesday that it was chosen to be an exclusive Official Data and Streaming partner of the Argentine Football Association (AFA). The deal is valid for all AFA competitions, and Genius Sports will help connect sportsbooks, brands and fans all around the world with all levels of Argentinian soccer. Under the agreement, Genius received exclusive rights for distributing and capturing official AFA data. Furthermore, the operator also receives the right for video broadcasting and offering sportsbooks premium content which will help retain and engage sports fans.

Genius Sports is going to install cutting-edge GeniusLive+ cameras at more than 100 venues which will capture and broadcast quality streams powering the AFA’s OTT platform. Furthermore, the innovative cameras will help increase the global reach of Argentinian soccer. The company is also going to collaborate with La Corte and Pixellot for the production of all GeniusLive+ events. Consequently, more than 2,000 new games from 8 competitions per season will be streamed.

The Latest Partnership Is Huge Honor for Genius Sports

Mark Locke, Genius Sports’ CEO, shared his excitement by saying that being selected by the AFA for such a vital partnership is a huge honor. Furthermore, he acknowledged that this agreement validates Genius Sports’ “outstanding credentials and strategy.” Locke also stressed that in the world of soccer, the AFA is one of the most prestigious and respected organizations.

The Argentine Football Association is one of the most respected and prestigious organizations in world soccer.

Mark Locke, CEO, Genius Sports

The company will continue safeguarding the integrity of Argentinian soccer from any threats related to corruption or match-fixing. Potential suspicious activity is flagged automatically thanks to Genius Sports’ 24/7 Bet Monitoring System which operates globally. Besides the AFA, the company is a trusted integrity partner of the German Football Association, the English Premier League and Dimayor Colombia.

A Strategic and Critical Partnership for the AFA

The AFA’s president, Claudio Tapia, revealed that the federation is happy to announce the strategic alliance with Genius Sports. Furthermore, he acknowledged that the company trusts and shares AFA’s vision which will help the federation build its digital future. Tapia did not miss saying that one of the key goals of the AFA as a leading global soccer federation is to generate new revenues. That, according to him, can be achieved by enabling digital assets via strategic partnerships.

As a leading global soccer federation, one of AFA’s key objectives is to generate new revenue streams by unlocking the value of its digital assets through new strategic partnerships.

Claudio Tapia, President, Argentine Football Association

The AFA’s president revealed that the latest partnership will help extend the federation’s reach to new markets and will result in the growth of business partnerships. Last but not least, Tapia deemed the partnership “critical” when it comes to expanding the visibility of Argentine soccer across the world.

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