Entain Teams up With Verizon to Create Immersive VR Gambling Room

International sports betting and gambling company Entain plans to venture into the world of virtual reality. The company reported that it is working on an immersive sports betting experience that will implement VR. It is planned to release later in 2021. 

An Ambitious Project Supported By Verizon Media

Entain’s ambitious and novel idea will be made possible with the help of the media and online business branch of Verizon Communications – Verizon Media. The latter will help the gambling operator with the creation of the desired virtual reality sports club. People will be able to receive a fulfilling sports club betting experience from their homes. 

The VR gambling experience will run on the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. Entain revealed there would be a variety of ways to experience this groundbreaking virtual betting. 

The company aims to provide its clients with a product of the highest quality. Entain’s chief operating officer, Sandeep Tiku, spoke about his company’s vision with this endeavor. He revealed that everything Entains does is with the customer in mind – therefore, providing innovative and exciting experiences is of the utmost importance to the company. 

Tiku sees virtual reality as a gateway to a whole world of exhilarating experiences. He hopes that Entain will serve as a visionary in the field as the company pioneers the inventive VR idea. 

Entain’s Goal: A Fully Immersive Experience

The chief operating officer went into detail about Entain’s goals. As it turns out, the virtual reality experience will let people play video games and watch football matches. It will even have some quality of life additions such as a feature to play music. 

Tiku describes it as an interactive and completely immersive experience that will provide people with an unparalleled level of depth. The COO said that Entain aims to provide clients with a layered, multi-dimensional virtual reality feeling where wagering would be a real delight.  

“We want to wow them and give them better experiences than they’ve ever had before – and at the same time also use our cutting edge to technology to keep our players safe,” Tiku excitedly explained. 

Entain is determined to become a powerhouse in the online betting market. In the wake of retail closures, the company’s revenues saw some noticeable decrease in this year’s first quarter, but in turn, it gathered a true momentum in its online betting verticals. Entain saw its online income skyrocket by the impressive 47% for sports betting. The company also saw a 23% revenue increase from online gambling games. 

The company’s powerful online poise became evident in 2020 when Entain maintained a strong presence in all notable markets, with the exception of Germany. 

It is exciting to see where the collaboration with Verizon Media will lead and how it will affect the online gambling market. Entain’s idea of a VR wagering hub sounds exciting for all people who like betting from home. 

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