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Gauselmann Group Rebrands Subsidiary for Unified Identity

The global gaming and entertainment leader will undergo a significant transformation as it rebrands its subsidiary Gauselmann AG to AG

This new strategic initiative is part of Gauselmann’s broader brand harmonization effort and reflects the group’s commitment to a unified identity across its business units. The name change will not result in any structural or management changes. It solely seeks to differentiate Gauselmann’s various verticals, aligning with the German company’s gradual shift towards the online sector. 

The New Name Aligns with a Strategic Shift

Founded in 1980, Gauselmann AG has served as a vital holding company within the Gauselmann Group, offering central services to various businesses under its umbrella. Its new name, AG, will come into effect on 1 January 2024, reflecting the group’s commitment to a unified identity across its business units.

According to Gauselmann, all its productions and sales channels will eventually shift to the brand. March 2022 saw the group rename its adp Gauselmann GmbH subsidiary to adp Merkur GmbH, marking another significant milestone in these efforts. The company hopes these changes will enhance brand recognition and cohesion, aiding its international ambitions.

This unification effort will span national and international markets, enhancing the group’s ability to deliver exceptional products and services. Customers and partners can expect a more seamless and consistent experience when interacting with Gauselmann’s various business units. Such a unified identity should result in new synergies benefiting the organization and its customers.

A Cohesive Identity Is Essential to Long-Term Success

Gauselmann Group’s rebranding initiative is a testament to its commitment to excellence and forward-thinking mindset. The group’s enduring success in the retail sector, testified by its recent UK expansion, has not detracted from its focus on innovation. As the online sector gains increasing prominence, Gauselmann’s rebranding effort places it in the perfect position to capitalize on the success of its Merkur brand.

According to the group’s founder, Paul Gauselmann, the renaming effort emphasized the company’s strategic orientation towards bolstering its foreign market presence through further digitalization. He noted that 60% of Gauselmann’s sales came from abroad, where the Merkur name was synonymous with offering the best games and services. 

Under the internationally established name Merkur, we can further expand our presence in the global gaming industry.

Paul Gauselmann, Gauselmann Group founder

The increased prominence of the Merkur brand reaffirms the group’s commitment to excellence and responsible gaming while providing a cohesive identity across its business units. With a renewed focus on a unified vision, the organization is well-positioned to continue its legacy of success in the global gaming and entertainment arena.

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