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Gauselmann Group Officially Rebrands as Merkur

Merkur emphasized that the changes to its image will not affect the presence of the Gauselmann Family Foundation

Gauselmann Group, an international gaming group, has officially changed its name to Merkur Group, reflecting its goal to build a new brand identity. As a result, Gauselmann AG will now operate under the name Merkur.com AG.

According to the company’s official announcement, the rebranding was completed on January 1.

Paul Gauselmann introduced the Merkur brand in the 1970s and gradually turned it into a gaming powerhouse. The success of the company was boosted by the Merkur B, the group’s AWP machine division. It was later further reinforced by the launch of Gauselmann’s first company-owned arcade, the Merkur Spielothek.

Following that, Merkur produced a plethora of games, gaming machines and gaming systems, all developed and distributed under the company’s signature laughing sun logo. According to Paul Gauselmann, this success was among the reasons for the current rebranding of the group.

The Rebrand Capitalizes on Merkur’s Appeal

The rebrand was announced in September 2023 and aligns with the company’s desire to capitalize on the Merkur brand’s appeal. This important step will also allow the group to create a unified identity for itself.

The corporate group is becoming increasingly digital and international. The change of name reflects this fact. Both developments will benefit from linking the appeal of our Merkur brand to the company name.

Paul Gauselmann, founder & chair of the management board, Merkur Group

From now on, all marketing materials will display the company’s new look. This also means that the company will have to adapt a large number of company signs. Despite that, Merkur emphasized that the changes to its image will not affect the presence of the Gauselmann Family Foundation. As explained by Paul Gauselmann: “Continuity and stability are cornerstones of our corporate philosophy and will continue to be important factors for success going forward.”


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