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Gamzix Releases Pilot, a Simplistic Crash Game

Gamzix, a progressive online casino gambling development studio, has released its freshest iGaming title. The new game is called Pilot and will keep players at the edge of their seats.

Fasten Your Seatbelts!

Gamzix’s newest game, as the title implies, puts the players in the shoes of pilots. Pilot is a crash-styled game where players need to place a bet and cash out before it is too late.

The rules are fairly simple – once a round starts, a bet multiplier, represented by a red plane, will begin soaring to the skies. The higher the plane goes, the more money a player would earn. However, sooner or later, the plane will crash. Any bets that have not been cashed out before that will be lost.

One of the things that set apart pilot from other titles in the genre is that it actually allows players to place two bets per round. Clever players may use this to their advantage and cash out the first bet at an advantageous time while keeping the remaining bet for longer.

Last but not least, the game has autoplay functions that allow players to do other things while the game runs.  

Pilot Is Taking You Up to the Stars

Pilot is basically a simplistic game that tests players’ patience. The minimalistic design is also reflected in the game’s design. Unlike many of its competitors, Pilot doesn’t rely on overly-flashy graphics. Instead, it relishes in a modest design and, as a result, has a weight of only 2.4 Megabytes. This, according to Gamzix, is about 350% lighter than some of the heaviest games on the market.

Pilot is also supported via web view. In addition, Gamzix plans to keep updating the title with new skins. According to the developer, new skins will be added under the same game ID each month. Many of them will be holiday-themed.

Alexandr Kosogov, Gamzix’s chief executive officer, said that his team is very excited about the new title, which is the company’s first crash game.

First crash game in Gamzix portfolio, and we can’t be more proud and excited about it. Because every time we do something different, every team member sees his/her growth in real-time. And this is preparing us for the new big jump.

Alexandr Kosogov, CEO, Gamzix

Pilot is the 30th game released by Gamzix. It supports 22 localizations and all types of currencies, including FIAT and cryptocurrencies.


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