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Gamstop Reports 48,000 New Registrants in H1

The high number attests to Gamstop’s efficiency and visibility

Gamstop published a report on the first six months of 2023, saying that it has recorded 48,000 new registrations, marking a 12% increase. The new customers opted to exclude themselves from gambling, with many of them choosing the longest exclusion period offered by the service.

According to Gamstop, 50% of its registrants chose its five-year exclusion, which is the longest period available on the platform. The exclusion specialist noted that 71% of the new users were male, while the remaining 29% were female.

Somewhat concerningly, almost a quarter of the newcomers (21%) were people aged between 16 and 24. This notably represents a 30% increase in the number of young people excluding themselves from gambling via Gamstop.

In addition, Gamstop noted that May was a record-breaking month in terms of new registrations, surpassing the previous record set in March.

Gamstop Will Continue to Relieve Players

Fiona Palmer, Gamstop’s chief executive officer, commented on the numbers recorded in 2023, saying that the data highlights Gamstop’s important role in shielding players from harm.

Palmer also addressed Gamstop’s Parliamentary reception in June that celebrated the charity’s fifth anniversary. She explained that many people who benefitted from the scheme attended the event. These lived experience people shared their moving stories with Gamstop and other attendants, underscoring how Gamstop has changed their lives.

This data puts those stories and lived experiences into a wider context and shows that self-exclusion is an increasingly important tool for anyone trying to take a break from gambling.

Fiona Palmer, CEO, Gamstop

Lord Browne of Belmont hosted Gamstop’s anniversary in recognition of the charity’s effectiveness in protecting high-risk consumers from harm. What makes Gamstop so efficient is its commitment to ensuring that its customers are truly excluded from all forms of gambling.

In total, over 390,000 have joined Gamstop since its launch in 2018. The exclusion scheme is increasingly popular among players experiencing harm with 84,000 people signing up in 2022 alone.

Gamstop attributed the high 2022 numbers to a variety of factors, including the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rising costs of living. According to the charity, these factors made customers more sensitive to financial hurdles and the importance of avoiding excessive gambling. As a result, more people who wanted to get their gambling habits under control sought Gamstop’s services.

In addition, the rising numbers of registrants attest to Gamstop’s increased visibility among gamblers.


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