October 27, 2022 3 min read

GamCare Publishes Annual Report for 2021/22

GamCare, an independent British charity providing help to victims of gambling harm, published its annual report for 2021/22. The charity said that a record-high number of people contacted its National Gambling Helpline.

More People Sought GamCare’s Services

According to GamCare, a total of 42,070 people called the helpline through phone or online chats. This marks a 5% increase compared to the 2020/21 period and shows that more people are aware of the safer gaming tools available to them.

GamCare also reported that the number of people in treatment sessions has slightly declined. Currently, the charity said, there are 9,728 individuals undergoing treatment. A vast majority of these people are white (87%). Meanwhile, the number of Asian and Asian British people in treatment increased to 7%. GamCare also noted that 70% of the people who contacted the National Gaming Helpline were men.

The organization reported that around 86% of people are attending treatment sessions to get their own gambling habits under control. Around 14%, on the other hand, are attending such sessions because of someone else’s problem gambling.

There were almost 8,000 users who reported they have been impacted by gambling harm. Around 79% of them experienced anxiety, 75% experienced financial difficulties, around 57% were depressed and 54% had problems with their relationships because of their problem gambling.

A total of 7,500 provided further insight into their reason for gambling. Around 64% described themselves loss chasers. Almost a third of them (32%) gambled because of financial difficulties. A third said that gambling is escapism for them and another third added that gambling is a way to fight boredom.

The Rising Costs of Living May Exacerbate Harm

During the 2021-22 period, GamCare helped train over 7,000 professionals, thanks to its women’s program and its collaboration with the criminal justice system. In addition, the charity’s youth outreach program reached more than 28,000 young people aged 11 to 19 and taught them about the dangers of gambling.

Anna Hemmings, GamCare’s chief executive, said that the 2021/22 period had been very uncertain because of the aftermath of the pandemic and the white paper delays. As a result, the charity recorded increasing demand for its services.

In this context, our teams have demonstrated incredible resilience and agility, offering a more diverse range of support than ever before to support people with gambling harm.

Anna Hemmings, CEO, GamCare

Hemmings concluded that the rising costs of living are also going to impact people. GamCare is concerned about these statistics as it recognizes the links between problem gambling and financial difficulties. Hemmings wishes to continue helping people and informing them about the dangers of harm.


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