February 28, 2023 3 min read


GamCare Introduces Online Self-Help Tool Called MyGamCare

The new solution provides an easy and convenient method for self-help, enabling gamblers to stay on top of the activity and if needed, access much needed support

The leading provider of information, support and advice for people affected by gambling harm, GamCare, announced the launch of a new online tool. On Tuesday, the independent charity unveiled MyGamCare, an innovative online self-help tool that provides support for gamblers.

The innovative tool is free and enables customers to receive online self-help by allowing them to set different goals, track their moods and access personalized content. Additionally, MyGamCare enables gamblers to access help and support if that’s needed.

Ultimately, GamCare’s new tool seeks to help gamblers that are struggling with managing their gambling. The tool helps them better understand gambling and provides insight into how the activity can impact their well-being, money, time and relationships. Using the tool provides a great way for gamblers to receive self-help when seeking to control their gambling.

Besides the new tool, GamCare confirmed the launch of a helpline available via new digital channels. The independent charity announced that its helpline can now be accessed via Facebook Messenger, as well as WhatsApp. This improvement delivers an easy way for gamblers to access much-needed support. Citing collected data, GamCare said that people under the age of 35 are most likely to use the aforementioned platforms to reach out for support.

The Launch Provides a Convenient Way for People to Access Support

Ellis Platten, a YouTuber and Podcaster, voiced his support for the recent tool by GamCare. He outlined that collaborating with the charity for the launch of MyGamCare was exciting. According to Platten, who has felt the impact of gambling harm, it is incredibly important for people to have the option to access support 24 hours a day. “My generation are never far away from their smartphones, so having support at your fingertips is a fantastic way to reach people, making it as easy as possible for people to make that first step and ask for help,” he said in conclusion.

With the introduction of MyGamCare – along with our WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger capabilities – we hope to open the door for people to get help sooner and to reach out for support in a way that works for them.

Anna Hemmings, CEO at GamCare

Anna Hemmings, GamCare’s CEO, acknowledged that the interest in the charity’s services is growing. Additionally, she explained that the online gambling market has grown exponentially over the last decade, which reaffirms the need for effective tools and solutions to help people in need of support.

Hemmings pointed out that GamCare hopes to reach and help more people via MyGamCare and the expanded reach of its helpline. In conclusion, she said that the first step is always the most difficult one which is why it is important to offer convenient methods of support that people can pick to start this journey.

The announcement comes at a time when GamCare has seen a record of calls for January 2023. The charity said that it has seen more than 3,700 calls and online chats last month, marking an increase of 17% when compared to the corresponding period in 2022.


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