January 14, 2022 3 min read


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GamCare Announces Local Gambling Addiction Support in East Midlands, UK

The gambling charity, GamCare, announced that it will be providing local support in the East Midlands, UK, and thus, help people that are struggling with any type of gambling addiction in that region ahead of Blue Monday, which is set to take place on January 17.

The Northampton Saints Will Help GamCare In Its Quest

GamCare’s charity is supported by the Northampton Saints, the local rugby club. So far, the club has helped over 1,500 people to overcome all the problems that come from gambling addiction and get back to their normal lives. The club has been working pro bono to assist struggling gambling addicts overcome their issues and go back to their normal lives. 

Nicola O’Neill, a gambling support provider for GamCare in East Midlands, stated that the company is fully aware of the fact that this period can be troubling for people that are struggling with gambling, especially as Blue Monday is right around the corner.

Gamblers’ burden can be even bigger, especially as financial pressures are piling up during Christmas, which is why O’Neil doubled down on the importance of coming forward to talk about these issues and find a solution.

Northampton Saints’ director, Tim Percival, also shared a few words by saying that the rugby club is more than happy to back this campaign initiated by GamCare and help people in need. Percival also said that it is important for people to know where they can ask for help concerning problem gambling if they need it.

Problem Gamblers Can Easily Get In Touch With GamCare

East Midlands residents who are experiencing gambling-related distress or fear their habits have grown addictive can easily get in touch with GamCare. The first option is to call an advisor at 080 8020 133. The second option is to visit GamCare’s official website and talk to a Live Chat representative.

Support sessions in the region will be confidential and free of charge. Some of the areas where people can have in-person sessions include Leicester, Nottingham, Peterborough, Northampton, and Lincoln. Moreover, the option of participating in them online is also available.

The UK Experienced Rise in Gamblers Over 65, According to a Recent Study

Even though the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has been pretty effective in regulating the gambling industry and recently proposed a few changes to increase its success, recent research shows that the country has experienced an increase in gamblers over 65.

The data, which was analyzed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, shows that the number of gamblers older than 65 was increased by 620,000 compared to 2019. Psychiatrists have warned authorities of this issue and they’ve stated that the likely cause of the increase may be the pandemic, which forced people to stay at home more often and be exposed to more gambling ads.

Filip Mishevski has been covering online gambling and cryptocurrencies for the past few years. He has written countless articles, how-to-guides, insights and news, and is keen on sharing his extensive knowledge in the aforementioned fields. He’s very passionate about soccer and MMA and is interested in how the online gambling industry will shape our future and thus, influence our lives.

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