GamblingNews Talks with FirstByte Founder and CEO Cosmin Mesenschi (Podcast #1)

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The new podcast series on GamblingNews is now running. Experts from the gaming industry join in one-on-one conversations with us to share their insight, and our first guest to inaugurate the podcasts was Cosmin Mesenschi. He is the founder and CEO of FirstByte Media, the first company to target the affiliate side of the relationship between iGaming and cryptocurrency. Check out the podcast for all the details on what FirstByte can offer and where Mesenschi sees the industry headed.

Mesenschi was involved in the cryptocurrency space before getting involved in the gaming space. His marketing background and entrepreneurial spirit provided a great combination with digital currency to promote affiliate opportunities that link cryptocurrency to gaming. FirstByte is constantly innovating and expanding its operations, with new alternatives and partners expected to be brought online over the next couple of months.

The gaming industry is rapidly expanding and the next few years are going to bring about significant changes. Mesenschi and FirstByte are staying ahead of the shift, helping companies develop stronger relationships and greater interaction to drive them into the future.

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