GamblingNews Discusses iGaming and Sports Betting with 888 Holdings’ SVP Yaniv Sherman

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The GamblingNews podcasts continue to provide valuable insight into what’s going on in the gaming world, and one of the most recent guests is an original pioneer in the space. 888 Holdings took time out from its negotiations with Sports Illustrated and Caesars Entertainment so its senior VP and Head of US, Yaniv Sherman, could spend a little time sharing the company’s direction with us. Having been with the 24-year-old company for 18 years, Sherman had valuable information to share.

888 was known primarily for its online poker operations early in the online gaming ecosystem, but that rapidly changed as iGaming became more prominent. The company now offers all types of online gaming options and operates in jurisdictions across the globe. It doesn’t stop innovating or delivering new products and has found a great deal of success in the sports betting space, as well.

The company has been able to outpace the competition with its growth due to a focus on artificial intelligence (AI), which is providing its capabilities to 888 in a number of areas. It has also helped the company develop its BetFinder and BetBuilder sports betting products, which have proven to be great assets. With the prospect of being able to create tailored and customized wagers, something sports bettors have been begging for, 888 is answering the call.

888 recently joined forces with Sports Illustrated (SI), leading to the launch of an SI-branded sportsbook in Colorado. That is only the first of what is expected to be many, however, and it has become apparent that 888 is not slowing down. Despite having a significant global market share and a dedicated following, it continues to expand and introduce new options that will become the driving force behind tomorrow’s iGaming market.

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