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Gambling Curriculum Coming to Schools in the UK This Year

Gambling in the United Kingdom has been a topic of discussions on so many levels. There are lots of good things that can be said about the sector but this does not mean that the negative impacts are being overlooked. As the industry continues to thrive, there are more cases of negative aspects such as gambling-related harm.

Responsible gambling campaigners and lobbyists, as well as the country’s gaming regulator, have been very strict about handling these issues in the recent past. The regulator, for instance, has been doubling down on its efforts to promote responsible gambling across the country. This comes amid pressure to deliver from both politicians as well as the responsible gambling lobbyists.

One of the areas that are being championed as a way of regulating the industry is the raising of awareness regarding responsible gambling practices. Teaching the public about the dangers of compulsive and irresponsible gambling behavior is very important. This is especially true if the members of the public are made aware from a very young age. That said, the responsible gambling awareness programs are now headed to schools in the United Kingdom.

The New Efforts

Already, the risks and harm of gambling are being taught in primary schools across the UK. This is part of the personal, social and health education (PSHE) curriculum. Published by the PSHE association, the new curriculum seeks to raise awareness among younger school-going people. It is expected that this will be a great way to inculcate great decision making among them when it comes to gambling activities as they grow older.

According to the PSHE Association, these efforts are based on the need to teach young people and children about the risks associated with gambling earlier in life. The association has been working in collaboration with GambleAware for this.

“Very few teenagers have actually been taught about the risk associated with gambling and what the signs of problem gambling are.”

Marc Etches, the chief executive of GambleAware.

Now, the stakeholders are doubling down on these efforts. The Department of Education now plans to roll out the new curriculum as a compulsory part of the education system. As from September this year, all schools in the United Kingdom will be obligated to teach their teenagers about risks associated with gambling as well as matters related to debt.

In addition to that, the new curriculum will also be giving the students more in-depth information regarding the difference between online and retail gambling. Online gambling has just as adverse effects as regular gambling at brick-and-mortar casinos. So, since online gaming is more accessible, it is important to focus on that. While this may seem like a rather small leap forward, it is certainly bound to make a huge difference.


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