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Gambling.com Acquired New Domain – Casinos.com

A recent press release outlined the highly sought-after casinos.com domain is now fully part of the Gambling.com Group

Gambling.com has been busy solidifying its market positions but this has happened in a unique way when it comes to affiliate businesses, and its growth is indisputable.

New Domain in the Gambling.com Roster

Although news of this started making the rounds back in November 2022, the press release mentions that the launch of the new website will be sometime this year. While the exact date wasn’t specified, there was concrete information about the launch markets – the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand markets would be served first.

The casinos.com domain was previously owned by Caesars, and the information back then came from an earnings call. A report by the award-winning domaininvesting.com publication specified that Caesars wasn’t using the domain heavily. It was being utilized to simply redirect traffic to the operator’s main website, and not much else, the November 2022 report read.

The exact sum of the acquisition wasn’t specified. The group vice president of commercial and casinos Lee Gwilliam and the group co-founder and chief executive officer Charles Gillespie were very elated in their comments about the upcoming launch of the new website. They shared some of the plans for its identity as well.

“We’ve taken the best of the best from across the business and put them together. This is not just another product or website. Our plan is to build something special” said Gwilliam. He also shared that the new domain will serve to deepen the company’s focus on the casino industry. The other domains the Group has are bookies.com and bookmakers.com.

Gambling.com Has the Winning Formula

One of the most notable acquisitions the Group made last year was also casino-related, and coincidentally – also toward the beginning of the year, albeit it was February. Back then the Gambling.com Group acquired BonusFinder.com, which offered very good synergies and enabled gambling.com to establish an even stronger foothold in North America.

Just a couple of months prior to this, the Group had also made moves to acquire RotoWire.com – another synergistic opportunity, with an even more specialized NA focus specifically in the US. This was the other contender for the spot of the first acquisition for 2022 but technically it started in December 2021 and was only finalized in January 2022.

However good the company’s expansion plans are going, it’s widely known that a company is usually faced with a choice between expansion and profitability. The company is capitalizing on its investment, but its financials have had a familiar theme to them when it comes time for quarterly or even yearly financial reports.

While the reasons might differ, the Group’s 2021 Full Year Revenue showed a picture that hadn’t changed much up to the Q2 results for 2022. The growth was there, but expenses would offset it in the cited periods. This doesn’t necessarily tell a simple story; however, it does show one thing: the company’s formula is definitely a winner, and it’s very serious about growth.


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