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Gambless App to Be Phased Out Because of Insufficient Backing

According to the company’s announcement, its resources will now be transferred to, and enhanced withing, the Mindspa mobile application

Gambless, an application providing help to people struggling with their gambling, will be gradually phased out after four years in service. With a heavy heart, the company announced the closure of the app, which was launched in 2020 and has so far assisted more than 20,000 people struggling with addiction.

According to Gambless, the mobile app will remain available in the app stores for now, meaning that players will still be able to use it. However, since it will no longer receive any updates or new developments, it will gradually become outdated and less effective, Gambless warned.

The company thanked all the players who put their trust in Gambless and said that its team is honored to have been able to help so many people on their journey toward recovery.

Gambless Failed to Secure Sufficient Backing

According to Gambless’ announcement, the decision to discontinue the app “has not been made lightly.” The company noted that a part of the reason for this is the significant costs associated with developing, maintaining and updating a mobile app.

Upon its launch, Gambless expected to receive more support from regulators, organizations, charities and gambling operators. Unfortunately, the industry’s interest in Gambless’ product was not sufficient and the company failed to secure the backing needed to continue operating its app.

When we started Gambless, we overestimated the genuine interest of the industry in supporting a tool designed to help those dealing with gambling addiction.

Gambless statement

The Company’s Resources Will Be Transferred

In any case, the closure of the app will not mark the end of Gambless’ mission to provide support to those struggling with gambling addiction.

According to the company’s announcement, its resources will now be transferred to, and enhanced within, the Mindspa mobile application.

In its announcement, the company explained that the transition will allow the Gambless team to continue providing high-quality support to those in need.

Gambless vowed to continue enhancing its resources and services. It promised to release more information about the transition to Mindspa and told users to stay tuned for further news.

We are confident that this change will allow us to offer even better resources and assistance to those in need.

Gambless statement

The support organization thanked its customers for their understanding and continued support.


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