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GambleAware Survey Shows Strong Public Backing for Affordability Checks

Citing recent polling, the charity suggested that three in five adults (57%) support enhanced financial risk checks

GambleAware, the leading commissioner of gambling harm prevention and treatment services in the UK, suggested that the broad public supports the controversial affordability checks. The measure, originally outlined in the Gambling Act white paper, seeks to introduce frictionless checks that would prevent at-risk players from overspending.

However, gambling industry campaigners have suggested that the checks would make gambling unsustainable for many players, potentially even hurting the horseracing sector. On the contrary, GambleAware suggested that the public actually supports the measure.

Citing recent polling, the charity suggested that three in five adults (57%) support enhanced financial risk checks. People impacted by a loved one’s gambling, on the other hand, were much more likely to support the measure, with data showing that 76% of affected others believe gambling companies should be held responsible for gambling problems.

In the meantime, 63% of respondents said that they believe that affordability checks would reduce the number of problem players.

For reference, the polling was conducted by Ipsos and saw the public opinion specialist survey 4,170 British adults.

GambleAwar Supports Frictionless Checks

GambleAware’s chief executive officer, Zoë Osmond, said that her team urges the government to not miss opportunities to introduce “robust preventive measures.” While GambleAware acknowledges that affordability checks should be frictionless and properly implemented, it also believes that they are a necessary measure.

By prioritizing preventative action and ensuring the industry take some responsibility for protecting individuals against unaffordable losses, we can mitigate the detrimental impact of problem gambling on individuals and society as a whole.

Zoë Osmond, CEO, GambleAware

Nicola Jaques, family support worker for the Beacon Counselling Trust in Preston, and an affected other of gambling harms, also commented on the matter, highlighting the devastating effects gambling harm could have on families. 

Safeguards like these financial risk checks are so important because they would help protect not only the person experiencing problems with gambling, but also those around them. Anyone can experience gambling harm and it affects far more than just one person.

Nicola Jaques, family support worker, Beacon Counselling Trust

GambleAware is the organization behind the United Kingdom’s National Gambling Support Network (NGSN). The charity recently reported that the helpline received over 52,000 calls in 2023 – a figure representing a year-on-year rise of 24%.


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