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UK Petitions Committee to Discuss Truesdale’s Anti-Affordability Checks Petition

Nevin Truesdale released a statement on the matter, praising the committee for opting to discuss the petition

In December, Nevin Truesdale’s petition against the United Kingdom’s proposed affordability checks reached its target 100,000 signatures. As a result, the potential scrapping of the checks will be discussed by British MPs next month.

For reference, the affordability checks are one the measures outlined in the Gambling Act white paper. It would, according to the government, introduce frictionless checks that would monitor customer spending and flag markers of problem gambling.

These checks will not affect the vast majority of gamblers in the UK, according to the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission (UKGC). The British regulator has tried to reassure players that much of the public perception of this measure is skewed by “intentional efforts” to mislead the public.

However, despite the authority’s multiple efforts to convince the public on the contrary, many still believe that the checks would be an intrusive measure that would make punters’ hobby unsustainable.

Truesdale who is the CEO of the Jockey Club previously called the checks are “inappropriate and discriminatory.” In the petition’s description, he also warned that the measure risks channeling people toward the black betting market.

The Industry Is Happy That Its Voice Is Being Heard

As things stand now, the Petitions Committee, a body comprised of 11 cross-party MPs, will discuss the issue on February 26. The debate will likely take place at Westminster Hall.

Nevin Truesdale released a statement on the matter, praising the committee for opting to discuss his petition. He also lauded the industry and its supporters’ efforts to work together and oppose a measure that they consider unfair.

We are pleased that the Petitions Committee has recognized the strength of feeling on this matter and that the parliamentary debate we are seeking has been granted. This is another great example of what the industry and its supporters can achieve when everyone works together.

Nevin Truesdale, CEO, Jockey Club

Truesdale added that he is certain that solutions can be found to address problem gambling without hurting regular risk-free players.

On Friday, Julie Harrington, CEO of the British Horseracing Authority also expressed her thoughts on the matter, praising the efforts to oppose the unfair restrictions on the gambling sector. She emphasized that the BHA recognizes the importance of safer gambling but believes that the affordability checks would cause more harm than good, potentially hurting many recreational bettors and the horse racing industry as a whole.


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