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GambleAware Plans to Enhance Treatment Services

GambleAware, a British charity that deals with gambling-related harms, has announced its future plans for the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS). The charity plans to enhance its services and help more people overcome their gaming problems.

GambleAware Wants to Improve Its Services

The NGTS is GambleAware’s official treatment service that offers free-of-charge services to people who struggle with problem gambling or have been affected by someone exhibiting such problems. People who have been hurt by gambling harm can contact the organization via phone and on the web or visit one of its hubs to receive live support.

As part of its plans to enhance NGTS’ services, GambleAware plans to refresh its helpline and add more regional services to its offer. In addition, the charity will seek to deepen its relationships with its regional partners to be able to offer better support to people in certain areas.

These plans are GambleAware’s way to respond to the growing popularity of gambling and the changing needs of problem gamblers in the United Kingdom. The plans are the result of GambleAware’s recent strategic discussions with authorities, experts, stakeholders and victims.  

The Charity Seeks to Help All Who Need It

Anna Hargrave, chief commissioning officer of GambleAware, said that the charity is delighted to announce its new commissioning plans, as it hopes to help more people in the UK. According to her, the new plan will expand on the success of NGTS’ previous programs and will offer enhanced treatment to those who need it.

Hargrave noted that the soaring costs of living have made gambling harm particularly dangerous. In order to prevent it from becoming ubiquitous, GambleAware wants to offer treatment that is in line with the current global situation and tailored to the needs of contemporary problem gamblers.

GambleAware already has significant expertise with gambling harm and, according to Hargrave, will use this insight to improve its work and ensure it is able to make a change.

While Britain has fairly low gambling harm rates, GambleAware is ever-watchful as it continues to do everything in its power to protect vulnerable communities. In July, the charity called for limited access to loot boxes in video games and argued that unrestrained access to such content may teach kids bad habits. The charity pointed out that young people who buy loot boxes have higher chances of developing an obsession with gambling.

GambleAware is also concerned about the white paper delays as it believes they will amplify gambling harm in the country.


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