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GambleAware Issues Statement on Misleading Allegations

Releasing the statement, GambleAware's CEO revealed the charity believes the complaint against itself filed by the Good Law project won't be upheld

The leading organization focused on treating and preventing gambling harm across the United Kingdom, GambleAware, saw a complaint filed against itself with the Charity Commission earlier this year. The complaint was filed by the Good Law project back in March and alleged that the charity is too closely related to the gambling sector and instead of helping gamblers to stop engaging in the activity, encourages them to “gamble responsibly.”

Currently, a 0.1% statutory levy helps provide funding for GambleAware. Rumors have previously suggested that the levy may increase from 0.1% to 1%, providing additional funding for the charity which has primary goals to prevent gambling harm, provide education, treatment and support for people affected by problem gambling.

On Friday, GambleAware’s CEO, Zoë Osmond, released a statement, raising concerns about inaccurate statements, headlines and misleading information released by media outlets, tainting the charity’s good name. Speaking about the complaint lodged with the Charity Commission by the Good Law project, the executive said the charity is “confident” the complaint won’t be upheld.

According to Osmond, the complaint contained information, which was not only outdated but misleading as well. While some of the data in the lodged complaint was dated a few years ago, other information included was older than a decade, potentially raising eyebrows as to whether it is credible or relevant to the current condition of the charity.

The complaint lodged to the Charity Commission by the Good Law project is based on misleading and outdated information. While we are confident that this complaint will not be upheld, we are deeply concerned that inaccurate headlines and misleading newspaper articles may have a damaging impact on our services and the people that rely on them.”

Zoë Osmond, CEO at GambleAware

Robust Governance Ensures GambleAware Is Separated from the Gambling Sector

Another concern raised by Osmond was the undermining of the charity’s services. She explained that there’s a stigma surrounding gambling harm which is why many people find it difficult to ask for help or even talk. “Undermining these services, and the dedicated workers and experts who operate them, risks not only those directly relying on them but also the many indirectly affected by a loved one’s gambling problems,” explained Osmond.

Our robust governance and commissioning practices ensure that the industry has no influence over our operations. GambleAware’s independence has been widely recognized by a range of stakeholders including the Government, as evidenced in the Gambling White Paper,

added Osmond

GambleAware’s boss said that the charity provides vital support and treatment for people who may experience catastrophic issues due to excessive gambling.

Osmond spoke about the charity’s governance and practices that ensure its separation from the gambling sector. Finally, she said that GambleAware’s work is crucial for people affected by gambling harm and urged anyone impacted to contact the charity to receive support.


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