March 2, 2022 3 min read


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GambleAware Invited Tenders to Evaluate Prevention Campaign Findings

Independent UK charity GambleAware published an Invitation to Tender, seeking to commission a holistic campaign evaluation and evidence-based assessment of outcomes of its prevention campaigns.

Broad Objectives

The independent charity with a mission to keep people safe from gambling harms GambleAware is executing prevention campaigns to prevent both men’s and women’s gambling harm and the overall outcome of these tenders is expected to boost the level of effectiveness of future prevention campaigns and ensure protection for those who gamble against gambling harm.

GambleAware is inviting tenders related to a holistic evaluation of its prevention campaigns aimed at men aged between 18 and 34 to encourage online regulars to avoid Bet Regret, a concept that urges bettors to pause before placing a bet by tapping out of their sports betting app and avoid impulsive wagering behavior.

As for women, GambleAware is expecting an evaluation of its preventing gambling harm campaigns aimed at women aged between 25 and 50 with the main focus on influencing those who gamble online to spot the signs of gambling harms experienced as “losing track of the world around you,” another concept introduced by the charity to explain the behavior of getting lost in the game.

Specific Objectives

Tenders should specifically address objectives such as “monitoring data to demonstrate the impact of GambleAware’s Safer Gambling campaigns by collecting primary data among core audiences” in terms of the exposure and awareness of the campaign, the engagement with the audience and how the message resonates, and the campaign’s impact on relevant attitudes and behavior.

In addition, the candidate’s work should demonstrate the “ongoing strategic support and creation of a holistic campaign evaluation,” applying integrations with data and insights from media, PR partnerships, social media, and website analytics to ensure “findings are actionable for the GambleAware Communications team and wider stakeholders” and generate “evidence-led improvements” applicable to future bursts of activities.

Questionnaires have already been developed but would probably need tweaking, GambleAware noted. The total sample includes 2,600 men and 2,600 women from both target groups, currently classified under demographics, gambling behaviors and attitudes, campaign recognition, creative execution, and campaign impact.

GambleAware emphasized the importance to ensure the “sampling is consistent and comparable to previous waves of the campaign,” to allow the charity to “monitor changes over longer periods of time.”

Last month, GambleAware singled out William Hill, bet365, and Entain as its top contributors in a total of £16 million ($21.7 million) of donations for the first three quarters of fiscal 2021-22.

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