GambleAware Awards Project to Help Gambling Disorder Treatment

The British gambling awareness charity, GambleAware, announced on Monday the outcome of an award process looking to extend the provision of residential rehabilitation for gambling disorder.

GambleAware Picks Adferiad Recovery in Collaboration with Gordon Moody for a New Project

The three-year pilot project aims at extending the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS). GambleAware chose to commission Adferiad Recovery that will work in collaboration with Gordon Moody for the project. According to the gambling awareness charity, the duo was chosen for the grant because they “shared values and complementary skills and expertise.”

The pilot will aim at helping rehabilitation for adults with gambling disorders. Moreover, the project will help individuals that have suffered from other disorders such as substance or alcohol abuse. Based on the needs of those with lived experience, the innovative program offers clinical governance, as well as an assessment framework. The individuals that participate in the treatment can steer their treatment.

Service users, along with their families and loved ones, will be actively involved in the care planning process, creating a system that is person-centered, goal-orientated and strengths-based.


This is in other words means that the program acknowledges that disorder treatment isn’t a linear process. Thus, individuals, their families and loved ones will be able to participate in the planning process, which creates a complex treatment system that is personal and goal-oriented. The individually-tailored treatment will also focus on detoxification, mental health support or rehabilitation, as well as residential rehabilitation.

The Project Will Help Many People Receive the Support They Need

GambleAware’s chief commissioning officer, Anna Hargrave, said that the charity is pleased to award the grant to Adferiad Recovery and Gordon Moody’s proposal. She deemed the pilot project as an important step on the way to increase both the effectiveness and capacity of the NGTS. In conclusion, Hargrave outlined that the duo is highly experienced and this project will “ensure many more people get the help and support they need.”

Adferiad Recovery and Gordon Moody’s proposal identified clear opportunities that can be delivered through a collaborative approach.

Anna Hargrave, chief commissioning officer at GambleAware

Adferiad Recovery and Gordon Moody’s proposal will also focus on providing treatment for hard-to-reach groups as well. Besides treatment, women, young people, and ethnic minority communities will receive continuous support thanks to the new pilot project.

Back in December, GambleAware revealed that it has awarded a $400,000 grant to help new research that aims at analyzing the lived experiences of gambling harm among minority groups. Similar to the most recent program, GambleAware chose two consortia to collaborate for that research as well. The 18-month research program is being led by Ipsos MORI in collaboration with the University of Manchester, as well as ClearView Research.

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