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FUN88 and Tottenham Hotspur Celebrate 10 Years Together

FUN88 is celebrating its 10th anniversary with Premier League soccer club Tottenham Hotspur in Asia and Latin America. The sports betting operator was one of the first to secure partnership rights with a premier soccer club and use it as part of its advertising efforts in Latin America and Asia. The Spurs are FUN88’s official betting partner for the regions, and the alliance between the companies now spans the course of over ten years. 

FUN88 has been pivotal in helping establish the Spurs’ footprint beyond its traditional European bastions and elevating brand awareness and recognition in populous soccer regions. Commenting on this partnership, the team’s chief commercial officer, Todd Kline, had this to say: 

“We are delighted to renew our partnership with FUN88, building on a 10-year relationship. We look forward to this next phase and working together to continue to engage our fans in Asia and Latin America.”

-Spurs CCO Todd Kline

Thanks to the Spurs’ intellectual property, FUN88 has been able to craft compelling fan activations and engage with fans all over the world. FUN88 has been able to build up its social presence and use Tottenham’s distinct identity to reach more customers and fans.

Building up the Offer Through Experiences and Betting 

Numerous raffles and prize giveaways have been organized over the last years, and the operator has been focusing on experiences as much as on betting. Understandably, the alliance between the two has pushed FUN88 to more successful betting promotions and bolstered the operational results across the board.

Far more impressively, the Tottenham link-up is an almost unprecedented alliance between a betting operator and a professional soccer team. At a time when such brands are often pressured to sever ties with betting companies, Tottenham and FUN88 have found a way to promote intelligently and responsibly.

FUN88 is returning to the Spurs’ home stadium in London, which is the largest in the city, through LED marketing on the perimeter of the field. The operator has expended significant effort in improving its overall offer and pushing its international growth in which the Spurs will play an integral part. 

Delivering on the Target Product Responsibly 

Responsible gambling culture has been dominating the brand’s marketing message, which is one of the reasons why FUN88 and the Spurs’ tie-up has been resilient to the changes in regulation over the years. 

FUN88 has welcomed the news equally excited, commenting that the opportunity to renew this partnership was exciting. The company is confident that through the partnership, the FUN88 brand would be able to continue and secure good gaming and entertainment platforms. 

“Our members will see much more in terms of Tottenham Hotspur team interaction and exclusive offerings, so keep an eye out for a range of forthcoming campaigns with the club,” a statement by the operator read. 


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