February 16, 2024 3 min read


Full Pull Confirms Plans to Introduce Wagering on Tractor Pulling

The company's updated application, offering betting options for truck and tractor pulling events is expected to be released for the summer 2024 season

Amid the sports betting expansion across the United States, millions of bettors can now place legal wagers on their favorite sports. Some of the most popular sports include football, hockey, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. Besides professional sports, some US states offer wagering on collegiate events, further expanding the offering available for bettors.

Yet, the sports betting craze is bound to expand and a niche sport with a growing audience is expected to become the latest one that is available for wagering. This sport is tractor pulling. Yes, as strange as this might sound, truck and tractor pulling is a unique form of sports that has a growing number of fans. And just like fans of NBA, NFL and NHL, tractor pulling fans also want to place wagers. Full Pull Entertainment, a company that focuses on the sport, plans to make this a reality by rolling out the first such mobile betting application.

The current version of Full Pull Entertainment’s application grants fans of the sport access to free-to-play games, some of which have real cash prizes. Additionally, the existing version of the mobile app enables fans to tap into statistics and view schedules for upcoming events, among other functions.

The Updated Application Will Offer Betting Options

With the release of Full Pull’s new app, fans of the sport will be able to wager as well. As a result, truck and tractor pull aficionados will access more thrilling experiences. According to Full Pull Entertainment, its mobile application is expected to launch ahead of the summer 2024 season.

In time for the summer 2024 season, fans will be able to win real money by choosing winners in each competition.

Chase Richardson, co-founder of Full Pull Entertainment

Chase Richardson, Full Pull’s co-founder, revealed that truck and tractor pulling fans will be able to win real money prizes for the summer season this year. He said that the company plans to put the “fans in the driver’s seat of excitement and entertainment,” allowing them to access supreme and unrivaled experiences. “Today marks a pivotal moment in the history of the sport, as we pave the way for a dynamic fusion of tradition and cutting-edge technology in the sport we know and love,” explained Richardson in conclusion.

Full Pull was created back in 2021 with the goal of change the sport of truck and tractor pulling forever. Undoubtedly, the upcoming application is going to play a key role in the process, while helping the sport which has a history of more than 75 years continue to grow and engage with new fans.


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