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FuboTV’s Head of Trading Left the Company

FuboTV, a sports streaming service, continues its plans to expand into sports betting through its own wagering product, Fubo Sportsbooks. However, the company has just experienced a small setback as Jay Vaccaro, its head of trading, announced that he will be resigning to pursue other opportunities.

Vaccaro Leaves the Team

Vaccaro was one of FuboTV’s senior members. Although FuboTV doesn’t expect Fubo Sportsbook to be hurt by his leave, he was a core worker who helped the team a lot. During his time with the company, Vaccaro helped establish a strong trading team. Thanks to his help, Fubo Sportsbook launched in several US jurisdictions.

Vaccaro will be missed despite not being a long-time worker. In fact, he only joined the company and its board in August 2021 and lasted for less than a year. His departure comes just a few months after another senior member’s leave. In January this year, Sam Rattner, Fubo Gaming’s chief operating officer, resigned after just ten months with the company.  

Despite the leaves, FuboTV’team isn’t thinning out and that the company recently added three new members. These were Todd Mathers, Ben Grad, and Andrew Steinberg who joined as VP of content strategy, SVP and VP respectively.

A Setback for Fubo Sportsbook’s Release

Despite the setbacks, FuboTV will keep working on its sportsbook. In the words of David Gandler, the company’s chief executive, Fubo Sportsbook is one of the five pillars of the company’s future development.

The company’s sportsbook is already live in Arizona and Iowa. Furthermore, it has secured market access to New Jersey, Indiana and Mississippi where it plans to launch soon. According to a company spokesperson, Fubo Sportsbook’s launch in new states will not be postponed because of Vaccaro’s leave.

Fubo Continues to Innovate

FuboTV recently launched a new sports betting service that adds free-to-play contests and pick’em games to TV users’ experience. According to the company, its release is a setup for the eventual launch of Fubo Sportsbook and FuboTV’s foray into the sports betting sector.

Gandler had released a statement on the matter, where he commented that FuboTV hopes to acquire new users. The company believes that the new service will ensure organic growth without the need to spend a lot on marketing. Gandler vowed to continue innovating and enhancing the customer experience.


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