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FuboTV to Introduce Pick’em Games as It Continues to Innovate

New pick’em games will be available this weekend with the help of FuboTV, an innovator in the sports and betting spaces. The games will be an important milestone for the company as it seeks to launch the free-to-play games as part of the TV streaming experience for the first time, trying to innovate the way we consume sports in real-time.

Real-Time Sports Become Even More Appealing

The pick’em games will also enable players in select markets to use a QR code and place real-money wagers with the Fubo Sportsbook, replicating their F2P bets on the sportsbook that can produce even more real-money rewards. Thanks to this, the platform is finally able to complete a long-coveted move to bring its F2P, streaming and sports betting solutions closer together, creating a greater unifying experience.

FuboTV is still happy to let players choose whether they wish to bet on the games from a free-play standpoint or make a real money wager. The pick’em games will be available for select sports programs and launched ahead of schedule. As is the custom with such programs, players will then have the opportunity to collect points and climb a leaderboard for a chance of winning actual prizes.

The first game will be launching on June 19 and will be accessible to FuboTV subscribers. Meanwhile, the company is planning to make sure that these pick’em games will become more readily available as the company moves on to additional markets. FuboTV calls this its triple W agenda, in which consumers can watch, wager, and win.

This is based on further integration between FuboTV and Fubo Sportsbook. Bringing these segments closer has been tied to many positive developments by Fubo. The company has seen better retention and engagement with sports fans across all verticals, and it has followed diligently on its mission statement, which is to make sure that it turns passive viewers into active participants. Commenting on the upcoming free games, FuboTV CPO Mike Berkley simply stated:

With this weekend’s launch, FuboTV will become the first live TV streaming platform to offer pick’em games integrated into the video experience with a direct gateway to an owned-and-operated sportsbook.

FuboTV CPO Mike Berkley

Innovation Remains FuboTV’s Main Focus

Interactivity will play a crucial role in harnessing a new generation of players who seek out immersive experiences and personalized or highly-customizable offers that can fit their highest expectations and desires. Fubo Gaming president Scott Butera joined the conversation and added:

While other media companies are entering into external partnerships with betting companies, FuboTV and Fubo Sportsbook have combined both into one ecosystem. The launch of pick’ems will further demonstrate FuboTV’s unique product integration and commitment to offering fans real-time immersive experiences across multiple touchpoints.

Fubo Gaming president Scott Butera

FuboTV CEO David Gandler joined the conversation and said that the industry-first integration solution that the company pioneered has become an immediate success with customers. The built-in video audience has proven a very successful solution, but more importantly, it is FuboTV’s expertise that has been able to elevate the consumer experience to the point where the company’s name is associated with innovation.  


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